‘American Horror Story’: Ryan Murphy talks Stevie Nicks’ guest spot and the latest ‘Coven’ — EXCLUSIVE

No Kathy Bates this week? Oh well, Misty Day (and Madison) were pretty entertaining… and there were some great reveals. More coming soon!


‘American Horror Story’: Was [SPOILER] really killed off on the latest ‘Coven?!’

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Forget Madison (though she is entertaining to watch), I’m seriously concerned about Queenie!


Ten Great Things We Learned From American Horror Story Coven 3.2, “Boy Parts” (SPOILERS)!

“Guess they’re trying to figure out where everything goes… hand me a saw.”


Almost everything we learned in “Boy Parts” was entertaining, set up some great future drama/conflict in the season, completely awesome, or all of the above. I can’t remember the last time I felt such a gleeful, happy, and probably slightly wild grin spread across my face for so much of the running time of an American Horror Story episode, which flew by even faster than usual. Half the time I forgot I had something in my lap to jot down notes, I was having so much fun. So let’s get off and running, since I’m also flirting with Episode 3  (“The Replacements”) airing before I can get this piece published*.

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1. Misty Day is alive! She was burned at the stake, but tells Violet Zoe later that Mother Nature healed her.

“You play with dead things, you’re more than likely to join them.”
“Not all dead.”


Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 1.05.20 AM

2. Misty Day (played gleefully by our favorite possessed nun from AHS Asylum, Lilly Rabe) rocks.  In the beautifully shot, satisfying cold open set to Fleetwood Mac’sEdge of Seventeen,”, she gets a kick-ass introduction as two sleazy poachers incur her wrath by “killing one of beautiful creatures… so you can make them into shoes”. Using, as Cordelia called it, the power of resurgence, she brings an alligator strung up from a tree plus the one they just killed back to life; the hanging one suddenly twists and chomps down on the gun-wielding poacher’s torso while the other closes its jaws on the second poacher and drags him into the swamp by his head as he kicks and screams like a little girl.  Later, when Zoe unwittingly summons her, she takes in a resurrected, damaged Kyle back to her shack in the swamp to heal him, asking nothing in return. If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a great interview with Lily Rabe on EW.com you should definitely check out by clicking here.

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 1.02.10 AM

3. Think you had a rough day? Well, poor Zoe’s day was really stressful. Her morning kicked off with two homicide detectives dropping by the Academy to question her and Madison about the bus crash. She’s clearly trying to hold in her panic and not doing a great job of it, but cracks like an egg when they produce a photo of her entering the hospital wing where she banged the rapist frat boy to death, and starts blurting out everything. Fiona is able to use a little witchcraft to salvage the situation with the cops, but tosses both Zoe and Madison through the air and into the walls, and ends her lecture with threatening both of them. “In this whole wide wicked world, the only thing you have to be afraid of… is me.”  Before she has a chance to calm down, Madison takes her to the New Orléans Morgue which includes the dead frat boys, and they aren’t in such good shape; in fact, they’re mangled and dismembered. She’s even more horrified when Madison unzips the body bag containing Kyle’s remains, revealing his body is in several jumbled pieces with his head propped up jauntily in the middle.  Zoe then has to not only help Madison assemble “the perfect boyfriend” (consisting of six different pieces, not all belonging to Kyle) with crude stitches, but go through a terrifying, trippy rite that included inhaling some smoke that makes both of them scream uncontrollably and having Madison slice her palm open. Nothing. Madison goes to wait in the car (but takes off, muttering, “Tough luck, bitch” when she thinks a passer-by might spot her with a joint) while Zoe says her goodbyes. She seems to be pulling herself together, then a security guard comes in, and she has to watch Kyle sit up and then brutally kill the shit out of  the security guard before she can stop him. Zoe then has to clumsily get Kyle (whose demeanor is that of a wild animal that got poked with a stick one too many times) out of there and into the car, which he really doesn’t like; in fact he’s grunting and flailing around that so much poor Zoe (who is also weeping and blurting out apologies) is losing control of the car. Then, as if her nerves weren’t shot to hell already, a strange woman suddenly sits up in the back seat and says, “I forgive you”. Zoe screams and almost drives off the road. That woman turns out to be Misty Day, and the ride smooths out a little after that.

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 1.07.26 AM

“You ain’t never gonna believe who’s back.”


4.  We find out what we suspected: Fiona dug up Delphine Lalaurie because she wants to get what she has, and that’s eternal life, but her real focus there seems to be on anti-aging. What we didn’t expect is how miserable Lalaurie is; in the final scene of the episode, she tells Fiona she was hoping she was a witch, that way Fiona might know how to kill her. The only real trouble she causes (in this episode) is conking Queenie over the head with a candlestick* and fleeing the Academy, but she doesn’t get far. The next time we see Lalaurie she’s slumped, defeated, on a bench outside what used to be her home and is now a historical site including a “museum of horrors.”


Hell is real. I’ve seen it, down in that box.

5. The fictional Delphine Lalaurie got what the real-life Lalaurie deserved. Marie Laveau gave her immortality… after murdering her beloved daughters (and less-than-beloved husband) and stringing them up outside Lalaurie’s home. Marie, surrounded by her followers, tells her that her family suffered greatly before they died, but LaLaurie will suffer far worse, bound and buried alive for all eternity.  There she lays, alive, for 180 years, seeing the faces of her dead daughters and thinking of what was done to them.***

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 7.49.12 AM

6. During the final scene with Fiona and Lalaurie on the bench outside the museum, we find out Fiona’s issues with Cordelia might be more complicated than we thought. After Lalaurie mutters about how she loved her daughters, Fiona looks away and replies, “Maybe it’s better. At least in death, you can’t disappoint the ones you love.” Nope, no deep-seated issues there…

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 1.11.12 AM

7. Speaking of Cordelia, we find out she and her husband Hank (who I doubt is going to be sticking around long– at least in one piece–after viewing the promo for episode 3) have been trying to have a baby. When fertility drugs don’t do anything but give Cordelia nasty side-effects, Hank urges her to use her magic so they conceive, but Cordelia tells him she can’t just use magic to get everything she wants, because then she’d be just like Fiona. This leads to…

8. The witchy fertility ritual for conception Cordelia and her husband perform leads to some hot, amazing sex. Cordelia, after apparently changing her min for the sake of her husband, performs a rite involving their both their blood, circles of salt, chanting, and large eggs that crack open to reveal baby snakes rapidly slithering out.  The spell was dark, like Cordelia warned the seemingly clueless Hank, but they both seemed to really have fun. Which is good, because I know this isn’t going to end well.

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 1.09.20 AM

9. When Mme. Delphine Lalaurie herself calls another woman an “evil bitch,” maybe you should steer clear of that woman. Fiona does no such thing and finds Marie Laveau (the evil bitch referred to) running a salon in the Ninth Ward called “Cornrow City.”  Guess what? They don’t get along so well! In a scene packed with great lines, the two women purr threats and insults at one another, though the only actual damage done is when Fiona momentarily sets a rack of wigs on fire. Laveau keeps her cool, no matter what Fiona says, even when she tells Laveau she has something that the voodoo queen wants. Later in the season, Fiona may secretly wish she’d handled things a little more delicately, because…

10.  Marie kept her lover around. You know, the one in the first scene of the season that Lalaurie shackled up in her torture attic and stuck a giant decapitated bull’s head on?  He looks much scarier and stronger now; even Marie keeps him shackled up (apparently in the back rooms of her salon, where I’m assuming she also lives). “You’ll never guess who’s back,” Marie tells The Minotaur lovingly. Then she explains they have some business to attend to…

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 1.05.47 AM

Stray Thoughts:

  • Sometimes dead is better.
  • Detective: Are you in charge here?
    Fiona: I’m Fiona Goode, I’m in charge everywhere.
  • Did Angela Bassett find some kind of anti-aging spell for herself? She’s 55, and doesn’t look a day over 35. Just amazing.

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 7.45.00 AM

*I’ll be fleshing (so to speak) this piece out and polishing it up after I get a basic version of it posted–as of this writing it’s 4:00 AM Wednesday and I need some sleep; lack of a normal sleep cycle was what cost me this posting delay in the first place. So, check back if you want to read one where I did research and fact-checking on some of the historical events, cultures, and real-life people referenced in the episode, among other additions.

**Which Ryan Murphy says there’s going to be some serious payback for coming up– having to be Queenie’s slave.

***If I hadn’t read so much about the real-life Lalaurie, I might even have felt a little sorry for her.

Ten Things We Learned From American Horror Story Coven’s Premiere, “Bitchcraft” (SPOILERS Included)!

Zoe: What do we do if we can’t get in?
Fiona: Tear the wall down.

Another season (or ‘Volume’, as Ryan Murphy said he wanted to refer to them-we think it fits and sounds awesome) of American Horror Story, an entire new twisted, fun, and scary world for Murphy and Brad Falchuck to explore and reveal to us! Hold onto your broomsticks and voodoo dolls, ’cause American Horror Story Coven is going to be one fun, fucked-up flight! So, what did we learn? Here’s ten items, dive in. Oh, and we’re adding a new feature to these weekly companion pieces: besides “stray thoughts” that Mrs. Horror Boom wanted to mention* but couldn’t squeeze into the top ten, we’re adding “Predictions and Speculations” (until we come up with a snappier name). As always, we’d love to hear your opinions on them, and your own predictions. Plus, HEADS UP! PLOT SPOILERS (spilled by Ryan Murphy and the cast to TV Guide) for upcoming episodes given at the end of this particular piece.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 5.56.02 AM

1.   Hey guys, don’t have sex with Zoe until she learns to control her power, unless you’re suicidal. It’ll hurt and you’ll start bleeding from every orifice that can be shown on basic cable. I see plenty of theories (or declarations) that Zoe has teeth in a specific part of her anatomy, but since her first lover’s death was deemed a brain aneurism with no mention of “penis also apparently chewed off”, we don’t think that’s it.

“I’ll have what she’s having!”

2. Jessica Lange‘s character continues the tradition of getting all the best lines, from “Don’t make me drop a house on you” to “the world’s not gonna miss a bunch of assholes in Ed Hardy T-shirts”. We look forward to many more.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 5.36.56 AM

3.  Murphy sure wasn’t kidding when he said Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters would once again be cast as “star-crossed lovers“.  Let’s see, she can’t have traditional sex with a male lover (and who knows if there’s a, er, workaround that’s not fatal), and he was killed by a telekinetic bus accident shortly after meeting his love interest, well before the end of the episode. We see in the previews for the upcoming episode “Boy Parts” (heh) that Madison plans to help Zoe bring him back… in a pretty messy, work-intensive method. The couple –and the writers– definitely have their work cut out for them (so to speak).

Tell us about this accident… and don’t spare us any of the gory details.

4.  Fiona will stop at nothing to get “an infusion of vitality, of youth,” as she puts it to her pet scientist in Los Angeles whose research to discover an anti-aging medication/serum she has funded with her late husband’s money. He tells her they’ll be ready for human trials as early as two years from now – Fiona tells him she wants it now.  The next time we catch up with her, she’s blasting Iron Butterfly and doing rails of coke in her very lavish, rock superstar-quality hotel suite, dancing, doing more coke**, nervously seeing a checking her appearance repeatedly in the mirror** . When she insists he visit her, we learn he’s been injecting her with it (at her insistence and probably threats to cut off funding) for five days, and “nothing, NOTHING has changed!” she yells at him despite his protests that he’s already not supposed to be giving her the drug. “Double the dosage,” she whispers, then practically roars, “GIVE ME MORE!”  He tells her human bodies are organic in nature– “We rot. We die”, then resigns. Fiona slams and locks the doors and tosses him across the room with a very mild hand gesture, then starts giving him a very passionate kiss, so passionate, in fact, that she sucks the life out of him (every review I’ve read compares the way he rapidly ages and shrivels to the scene at the end of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade where the villain drinks from the Holy Grail). She looks decades younger briefly, then sees her age returning and smashes the mirror in fury. At the tail end of the episode, she digs up Delphine LaLaurie seemingly for the sole purpose of discovering how someone who was buried alive in 1834 seemingly hasn’t aged a day.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 5.46.52 AM

From Episode 2, “Boy Parts”.

5. The one thing that distracts Fiona from her coke-fueled frenzy while she not-so-patiently waits for visible results from the experimental anti-aging drugs is a news story on candlelight vigils for the young witch (her character is named ‘Misty Day’ and played by Lily Rabe) who has gone missing and rumored to have been burned at the stake–Fiona looks genuinely concerned, probably with good reason (see prediction section for more on that).

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 5.39.00 AM

6.  The relationship between the supreme Fiona and her ‘sole offspring,’ daughter Cordelia Foxx, is strained …at best. During a scene between them where Fiona visits Cordelia working in her absolutely beautiful, lush greenhouse/lab, Cordelia is soon calling Fiona a bitch to her face. The conflict seems to be Delia’s teaching philosophy as Headmistress; Fiona thinks her daughter should take a more direct, assertive approach and prepare the girls for the coming storm (especially with the royal blood running in her veins), instead of teaching them to ‘cower and hide in the shadows’.  Surprisingly, most of the spite seems to come from Cordelia’s end. When she turns to her mother and asks, “When are you going to die and stop ruining my life?”, Fiona is visibly hurt, but replies evenly, “I’m here. I’m staying. So why don’t we make the best of it?” We hope they do–they’re going to need everything they’ve got when a pissed-off Marie Laveau shows up looking for Delphine Lalaurie.

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 7.45.23 PM

7.  Things sure liven up at dinner time. Also, maybe it would be a good idea to ban sharp objects. Spoiled telekinetic movie star Madison Montgomery, human voodoo doll Queenie, clairvoyant Nan, and Zoe are served dinner by Spalding. Queenie tells Madison to be nice to Spalding (after she calls him ‘Jeeves’) because he has no tongue. Madison immediately responds by asking him if he used his tongue for something wicked, ‘or maybe you just really suck at going down’. They snipe at each other (Zoe barely gets a word in and just stares with her jaw hung open) with Queenie calling Madison a “D-list, botox bimbo,” and Madison using her mind to flip Queenie’s soup all over her shirt. Queenie jams a fork into her own hand and twists it; Madison squeals in pain as her hand bleeds. Nan has to finally talk Queenie into going for a walk to cool down after Queenie holds a huge knife to her own throat and threatening to cut it. “Well,” Madison sniffs, “that was disturbing.”

There’s a storm coming….


8. Fiona knows how to throw a sick field trip. (“Jesus. Go change your clothes. Wear something… black.”) She takes the current group of students–who (except for Nan) don’t know that Fiona is the Supreme until Nan mentions it and she confirms it–for a breezy stroll, filling them in on some New Orléans history and places such as the Popp Fountain that were declared a safety hazard after Hurricane Katrina and closed it off. “What do we do if we can’t get in?” Zoe asks. “Tear the wall down,” Fiona replies. In one of the few scenes where Fiona isn’t lighting a cigarette, smoking, or stubbing out a cigarette, they crash the Lalaurie Mansion tour***  after Nan hears a voice she later tells Fiona belongs to “the lady of the house” whispering help me.

“To our future together.” -Marie Laveau

9. Don’t piss off Marie Laveau. The backstory (also told by the tour guide) that ties her to LaLaurie is that one of her lovers was tortured and killed by LaLaurie. Marie pretended to offer a love potion to LaLaurie that will stop her husband’s ‘infidelities’,  and she makes the mistake of inviting Marie Laveau into her mansion and gulping down the potion, which is a potion, but not one having to do with any kind of love. After LaLaurie chokes and falls to the floor appearing to be dead, we only hear that her body was never found. That’s because Laveau had her chained up and buried alive (probably because death was too good for her), leaving her soul to burn in hell–in the preview for Episode 2, “Boy Parts”, we briefly see LaLaurie assuring Fiona that hell is real, because she’s been there.

“The light hit him  just fine.”

10. Don’t piss off any of the women on the show, or get in their way, and even if you’re another female character, watch your mouth around Fiona and sure as hell don’t call her a hag. She’ll casually flick her wrist (without even looking up) and the next thing you know, your back is slamming into a wall across the room. Don’t tell Madison she’s not “hitting her mark” if you’re directing her; she’ll cause a lighting rig to drop on your head and kill you.  Though she’s got a more even temper, we know Queenie can fuck you up. I think Nan was trying to help out in general when she clued in Fiona to the fact she could dig up LaLaurie and make her Fiona’s bitch slave. Piss Cordelia off, she can slip you a ‘restorative potion’ that would put you in a coma for a few days (or weeks) as Fiona caught her doing. Zoe has only killed one man on purpose with her, er, female power, and boy did he deserve it (as did every frat boy on the bus who participated in gang-raping Madison– I cheered when she flipped that bus over, though partially because it was such a cool, seamless effect), but I’m pretty sure she’s going to become a force to be reckoned with. All you had to do to be tortured/killed by LaLaurie was A. be the wrong color and B. show up.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 5.42.23 AM

Stray Thoughts:

  • I was bummed out when it was revealed Denis O’Hare’s character has no tongue (since he got so many great lines as Larry in Season One), but Murphy has assured us that he will be speaking later on.
  • I also hope nothing horrible happens to Cordelia’s cat; Fiona didn’t seem to care for the pet much.
  • The show’s writers did their research on Delphine LaLaurie, even getting her daughter’s names and nicknames right. At the time the story takes place, she’s on her third marriage (and we wonder if the show will mention rumors that foul play was suspected in her first two husband’s deaths, adding “Black Widow” to her monstrous resume), and her husband, a doctor, was involved in her crimes. I’d go into more specifics that were depicted as faithfully as possible, but in the last two weeks I’ve read details about LaLaurie’s sadistic crimes that I sincerely wish I could UN-read as of this writing.  The Minotaur is a creation of the AHS writers–and Murphy assures us he’ll return as one of Coven’s two seasonal monsters–but may shown in the cold open of “Bitchcraft”, such as the flayed faces, oddly shaped cages containing slaves whose limbs had been broken and re-formed to resemble animals, and lips sewn shut, among others, were all too real. As I said, I’m on information overload right now from the research I did, so that’s enough of that.


  • We’re pretty sure ‘Misty Day’ (the witch with the power of resurgence) will turn up again, and unburned. In the scenes we saw of her actually being burned alive, Cordelia was simply recounting her story to the students. The news report that Fiona saw (and brought her back to New Orléans)  mentioned she was missing and only rumored to have been burned alive. Also, she’s shown in some PR shots released for the October 16th episode. Keep your fingers crossed for more Lily Rabe!
  • Marie Leveau will bring back her dead lover who was killed by suffocating inside a severed bull’s head placed/sewn onto his shoulders… and that’ll be “The Minotaur” monster Ryan Murphy brought up (as this year’s Rubberman/Bloody Face), who will terrorize the Academy.
  • Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 7.52.33 PM

And here’s a couple spoilers I uncovered today I just couldn’t keep to myself (source: TVGuide), so SPOILER ALERT FOR FUTURE EPISODES BEGINNING HERE!

  • Zoe is going to constantly struggle with the decision–and consequences of– bringing Kyle back from the dead in kind of a Frankenstein-like state (which I guess is better than, say, a Pet Semetary or a Monkey’s Paw-like state) over the next several episodes. Worse yet, he won’t be able to communicate verbally.
  • The group of young witches-in-training will drop from four to three when [REDACTED] is killed by {REDACTED]
  • We’re going to get Queenie’s backstory in Episode 2 (Boy Parts) and got-damn, it should be good!
  • Jessica Lange will make LaLaurie her slave, and as a sort of poetic justice, give her to Queenie as a slave. All fucking hell is going to break loose (AKA: War between witch and Voodoo royalty)  when Marie Laveau wants her ‘property’ back from Fiona. Those were just the highlights; click here to read the entire juicy article from TV Guide for plenty more yummy details and teasers.   (END SPOILERS)

There you have it…and we promise to not wait until practically the last minute before posting these from now on. Thanks for reading AND for being so patient.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 5.43.50 AM

*Mrs. Horror Boom is the only one on the Horror Boom ‘staff’ (of two) that’ll watch it, after I told my husband about certain nasty plot details from Asylum last year, he got scared off… with good reason.

**I predict black nail polish is about to get even more popular, and this spring I was already seeing soccer moms at my nail salon casually getting pedicures with it.

***This tour of the interior does not actually exist, and if I missed it in my research and it does, it certainly doesn’t exist in the form shown in “Bitchcraft,” where the last stop on the tour is the ‘attic of horror’ with most of the torture chamber intact and the tour guide shares the information that Delphine Lalaurie’s beauty treatment wasn’t just slave’s blood, it was a poultice made from the pancreas of her victims–the beauty treatment and the Marie Laveau revenge are all creations of the writers… though Nicholas Cage really did purchase the home. You can read more about the history of the mansion here. Pleasant dreams…

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 5.52.04 AM

American Horror Story Coven’s Newest Teaser, “Coffin” Is Here – So Are New Plot Points!

This a creepy one… watch American Horror Story Coven teaser #5 right here!

What secrets do we keep that you thought were asleep?


Better yet, an official synopsis has been released, and it’s a fucking doozy… wrap your mind around how awesome THIS will be!

Over 300 years have passed since the turbulent days of the Salem witch trials and those who managed to escape are now facing extinction. Mysterious attacks have been escalating against their kind and young girls are being sent away to a special school in New Orleans to learn how to protect themselves. Wrapped up in the turmoil is new arrival, Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), who is harboring a terrifying secret of her own. Alarmed by the recent aggression, Fiona (Jessica Lange), the long-absent Supreme, sweeps back into town, determined to protect the Coven and hell-bent on decimating anyone who gets in her way.*

You’re goddamned right she will! It’s also being called a Voodoo VS. Witchcraft showdown.

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 6.33.37 AM

Mark those calendars: “American Horror Story: Coven” will premiere on Wednesday, October 9th at 10pm.


*(source: http://www.joblo.com/horror-movies/news)

Watch Unsettling Teaser #2 For American Horror Story Coven – Hint About LaLaurie Storyline?

YIKES. This one is titled “Pins and Needles”.  We’re guessing it’s hinting at the very hideous real-life Delphine LaLaurie storyline and what’s in her attic (although many areas of the LaLaurie mansion were very dangerous, scary places to be, especially if you were a slave – she kept her kitchen slaves chained to the stove). Watch below… be warned, this one’s unnerving.

The third season, (or Volume Three, as Ryan Murphy refers to the seasons) premieres on October 9th, 2013. The season premiere is titled “Bitchcraft”. Jessica Lange plays a witch named Fiona, Sarah Paulson plays her daughter Cordelia*, Angela Bassett plays Marie Laveau, and Kathy Bates plays Delphine LaLaurie. Oh, and Alexandra Breckenridge (Young Moira from Season One) will also be making a return appearance–as a new character, of course. Damn! This just keeps getting better and better… more teasers are sure to follow soon!

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 10.36.47 PM

Damn RIGHT, viewer discretion advised!

*a reference to King Lear, rather than Buffy/Angel’s Cordelia Chase. I miss that Cordelia.

English: The LaLaurie residence in 1140 Royal ...

The LaLaurie residence in 1140 Royal Street, New Orleans, photographed in September 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Just In! American Horror Story Coven Cast: Angela Bassett and Patti LuPone Join Season 3 – TVLine

Well, I guess that’s the major news, but if you want more, click on the big red link below and get the whole story from Michael Ausellio at TVLine:

American Horror Story: Coven Cast: Angela Bassett and Patti LuPone Join Season 3 – TVLine




AAAARGH, just did the math and realized they’re only in pre-production! How are we supposed to wait until October, dammit?


American Horror Story Season 3 Subtitle Will Put A Spell On You!

Well how about that? Our predictions on the Delphine Laurent/New Orléans/Voodoo theme were wildly inaccurate! OK, not 100%, since filming is set on location in New Orléans and they didn’t rule out voodoo, but America Horror Story: Coven isn’t what we had our money on. This is still going to rock, though, and I have faith in Murphy and Falchuck to deliver a kick-ass Season 3 of American Horror Story. How about some old-fashioned curses? We will go out on a limb and predict that even though it’s only rumored now, Dylan McDermott will be in the guest cast for next season. That signature, iconic monster being female? We can’t wait to hear more!

the top 10 reasons why "AMERICAN HORROR S...

It’s Official! Lily Rabe Signs on For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 3 (CraveOnline)

It’s not official (yet, keep your fingers crossed) that Taissa Farmiga will return for Season 3 of American Horror Story (the word is she’s “officially in talks”, so we’ll keep you posted. Click the big red link below for the entire scoop from CraveOnline.com…

Lily Rabe Has Signed on For ‘American Horror Story’ Season Three – CraveOnline.


The lovely Ms. Lily Rabe, though, will be back!  Now our fingers are crossed for Zach Quinto. Haven’t heard much yet, but he’s very, very close with Sarah Paulson (also officially signed), so maybe we’ll see them work together again. We know we wouldn’t be the only ones who’d definitely love to see Frances Conroy return, as well. Maybe this time she can play a really evil woman…  whatever Ryan Murphy tries, we have faith he’ll make it work!

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 3.47.12 AM

Hell Yeah! American Horror Story Scoop For Season 3 – Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson Are On Board – Plus, Best S3 Teases Yet!

Good news, and these are WAY better hints than the previous ones. Also, I hope Zach Quinto will be back, and Frances Conroy… I still think it’s going to be some group of performers. (the setting/theme for next season, that is, and have a Western theme). If I were Jessica Lange, I’d want to look more glamorous for Season 3 too. Also, maybe a teeny bit lighter of a tone, because this week’s episode was more depressing than terrifying (though it sure as hell kept me on my toes)!

Jessica Lange on the red carpet at the 62nd An...