Paleyfest 2014: Ryan Murphy Lauds ‘American Horror Story Coven’ Cast as “Most Amazing Group of Women Ever on TV”

Featured photo above: Ryan Murphy (left) laughing in our faces when we asked him how any suspense or dramatic stakes can be maintained if any character killed off can be brought back to life and/or patched back together whimsically,* including a decapitated main character with one hand being put back together offscreen, which is barely mentioned other than a throwaway line.  Meanwhile, Kathy Bates (middle)  and a woman who appears to be a young, strangely friendly Naomi Campbell Angela Bassett (right) are good sports and laugh at how much fun they had playing fictional versions of Delphine LaLaurie and Marie Laveau while wiping the floor with certain younger cast members –without even trying –no matter how goofy or nonsensical their plot-lines got.

Okay, uh, moving on a bit, to the Paleyfest 2014 panel that actually took place…


It is our firm hope that whoever she is cast as (in American Horror Story -Freak Show), Frances Conroy still has as much of a blast playing as she clearly did when she played Myrtle Snow.


Well, Coven started OUT feminist, anyway… the women in American Horror Story Asylum went through way more pain, suffering, and heartbreak–mostly at the hands of men–but we thought that all in all (other than poor, wretched Chloë Sevigne’s character Shelly, whose fate was so horrible that several fellow female friends of mine said was the reason they decided not to watch the rest of Asylum as it was “too disturbing” for them, and actually gave me a rare nightmare or two) the women in the show prevailed. However, that’s another article.  Plus, the Coven cast really did kick ass. Click “View original” in the lower left to read the entire Paleyfest article… and check out the beautiful Ms. Angela Bassett (and friend), looking thirty-five tops, not fifty-five, below (and not looking too bad in the featured image, either)! Let’s hope she gets to have just as much fun on “Freak Show”, which will premiere in October 2014.

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 3.06.16 AM


*including a decapitated main character with one hand being put back together offscreen, which is barely fucking mentioned other than a throwaway line because, you know, witches …then telling us “Don’t be a hater, dear,” when we express valid disappointment in the last 1/3 of the season or ask for clarification on plot holes we could drive a frat party bus through, and then laughing heartily while patting himself on the back at his own clever reference to a line of dialogue on the show.  Later, Murphy howled with laughter when asked to define the term feminism, then  soon after composed himself and changed the subject when another audience member pointed out that feminism is comprised of more than women characters deciding to use the majority of their time and supernatural powers by hurling physical abuse, bitchiness, and actual intentional slaughter at other women on the show, rather than having man-on-woman violence.  Wow, I would have no problem writing a fictional version of the entire panel like this, but hopefully I got it out of my system for now.

Also, in the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I freely admit that I would have KILLED to be an audience member at that panel, no matter how much of a let-down the back half of “Coven” was (I’d only kill if the seats were really good, though).

‘American Horror Story: Coven’: Kathy Bates To Star In Season 3, Featuring Witches And Filming In New Orleans

Yes, we realize this is the third piece in a row covering this, but it revealed what the clue Murphy teased in Episode Ten was (which Murphy said would be “given in a medium we haven’t ever done”, leading us to consider styles of shooting and other things way off base, rather than a simple song choice) in the tenth episode, “The Name Game” was:

Many “American Horror Story” fans had speculated that the Salem Witch Trials or New Orleans’ witchcraft and voodoo would be the subject of Season 3 after Murphy told viewers there was a hint about the upcoming season in the “American Horror Story: Asylum” episode, titled “The Name Game.” When a jukebox in the rec room played the 1950s classic “I Put A Spell On You,” many audience members bet (correctly) on bewitching.

-Laura Prodom, Huffington Post Online

We hadn’t even thought of it, possibly because most of the episode had us levitating (not to mention jaw-dropper after jaw-dropper). Yes, the first song played on the new jukebox for Briarcliff Manor’s day room was announced loudly and proudly by Sister Mary Demon to be specially dedicated to Judy Martin. Then the opening to “I Put A Spell On You” began as Dr. Thredson/Bloody Face entered the day room, to the horror of Lana and Kit.

Remember the song that played  in the next episode the jukebox and Jude were featured together in? We do! It was “Love Potion #9″. Murphy had teased there’d be another hint in the episode “Spilt Milk”, and we’re going to go out on a limb here that was it.

Click the big red link below to read the HuffPost piece, which contains more information than was given in the last two articles.

‘American Horror Story: Coven’: Kathy Bates To Star In Season 3, Featuring Witches And Filming In New Orleans.


While you’re at it, check out the video (also within the HuffPost piece) of Jessica Lange on The View containing clips where she talks about what she knows re: Season 3 (before the title “Coven” was revealed, that is).

"The witch no. 1" lithograph

“The witch no. 1” lithograph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, so, eight months to go! We can’t WAIT and will be sure to get any new info up as soon as we hear about it. Any other fans want to speculate below, go to town!

Meanwhile, enjoy this awesome music video of Screaming Jay Hawkins performing the shit out of “I Put A Spell On You” below.  Not perfect picture quality, but it’s Screamin’ Jay at the top of his game. ONE! TWO! THREE!

American Horror Story Season 3 Subtitle Will Put A Spell On You!

Well how about that? Our predictions on the Delphine Laurent/New Orléans/Voodoo theme were wildly inaccurate! OK, not 100%, since filming is set on location in New Orléans and they didn’t rule out voodoo, but America Horror Story: Coven isn’t what we had our money on. This is still going to rock, though, and I have faith in Murphy and Falchuck to deliver a kick-ass Season 3 of American Horror Story. How about some old-fashioned curses? We will go out on a limb and predict that even though it’s only rumored now, Dylan McDermott will be in the guest cast for next season. That signature, iconic monster being female? We can’t wait to hear more!

the top 10 reasons why "AMERICAN HORROR S...

This Just In! PaleyFest 2013: American Horror Story Season 3 Title Revealed …Along with a Few More Details (Dread Central)

Well, we kept our promise–and let you know as soon as we heard, even if we were half-asleep at the time! More to follow.


PaleyFest 2013: American Horror Story Season 3 Title Revealed Along with a Few More Details -Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews, News, Interviews at Dread Central.




TEDxChange - Paley Center for Media

Paley Center for Media (Photo credit: Gates Foundation)




New American Horror Story Season 3 Plot Details Revealed? If So, It Wasn’t Our First Guess (Dread Central)

Hmmm…witches of Salem? Almost hope it was a flat-out “mis-direct” (AKA, a bold lie to throw us off the scent); we were hoping for a Southern Gothic.  More on that, and our theory, later. The real-life character they’ve said she plays (well, they didn’t say who it was, I did some Scooby-Gang research* and am working on a piece outlining my theory) led me to some research which revealed so many horrible historical facts (and I thought I knew them all) that were interesting, but also so blood-curdling that I kind of tried to shove what I learned about her out of my brain (un-reading it can’t be done).

evilbitch_Delphine_t 2013-03-05 at 12.02.02 AM

So our theory is coming soon (it can’t come some enough, if they’ve started dropping serious hints out with more to come in the next weeks). Until then, you’ll probably find this interesting… click on the big red link below to read the story on Dread Central. Anyone else have theories or hunches, or even just wild guesses, we’d love to know!

New American Horror Story Season 3 Plot Details Revealed?  Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews, News, Interviews at Dread Central.


*OK,  the team at Horror Boom (which consists of my husband and I, for now) didn’t go cruising around in a Mystery Machine, getting toasted with Scooby and Shaggy, but the only other way I could think of to describe it was “sleuthing”, which sounded way cornier. Plus, we’re HUGE Scooby Doo fans (and I’m a huge Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fan, too). ZOINKS! Like, run for your lives, man!

The Scooby-Doo Show

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Just In! Kathy Bates Officially Signed For American Horror Story Season 3 (VS. Jessica Lange)

Jessica Lange was dropping hints earlier about a female Oscar-winning actress joining their cast, which only narrowed it down to about fifty women, so that kind of went to our mental back-burner. Now we know!

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 5.25.06 AM

The article also says she’ll play Lange’s (well, her character, obviously, not Lange herself) best friend who turns into her arch-enemy. OoooooooOOO!  In January, Ryan Murphy teased that there would be a female character that’d be the most evil, malignant, vile, dangerous–OK, we’re running out of adjectives here, but we have previous pieces exclusively from with Ryan where he teases S3 that you can check out linked to  here, over here, and hereAmerican Horror Story character he’s created yet. Going up against competition like Constance Langdon, Hadleigh (Ben Harmon’s young mistress, the nastiest, most murderous female ghost in Season One’s “Murder House”), and the possessed version of Sister Mary Eunice, that’s a pretty tall order. We’re looking forward to Murphy meeting and exceeding our expectations as usual on that front.

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 5.23.49 AM

Could Bates be the one playing the most evil, dangerous bitch to terrorize American Horror Story thus far?  He’s said Jessica Lange won’t be playing anyone especially wholesome, but a glamorous performer whose character would be campy, sexy and fun (and always dressed to kill** in full beauty make-up and “blown-out” hair).  He’s already done the campy but horrible, sneaky murderous thing with Constance, so now we’re narrowing it down. Our theory is still that the characters are going to play some kind of performers. Either way, we’ll keep you posted on new details as they develop on Season 3 of AHS!

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 5.22.34 AM

*he hinted at Vera Farminga playing her, but he’s been known to veer wildly when dropping hints; also Farminga was, at the time, still being wooed by Murphy and Co to return, and he said there were no promises of her returning. She’s since been officially signed and on board for S3.

**just metaphorically this time around, at least according to Murphy.