Disclaimers/Legal/Copyright Info

There’s plenty of multi-media content here (mainly YouTube videos/pics that I ‘share’ and embed per YouTube’s guidelines) that I do not own, did not create, nor hold the copyright to.  For instance, I do not hold the copyright to the below image from Shutter/They Are Around Us (2004), nor do I own the image.*  I include the content for entertainment purposes only, not to profit from or take credit for. I’m not looking for any trouble, I’m looking to celebrate horror with fellow fans and Horror Boom visitors. All text, unless otherwise noted, is copyright of Horror Boom/D.D. Reinert © 2012. I know the vast majority of you are thoughtful, considerate, creative people (including many fellow writers) that would never commit plagiarism; therefore, please note the following warnings are nothing personal. I’ve simply had my work ripped off w/out permission, compensation, or accreditation (only to let it go because I didn’t have the time or energy to pursue it after I finally calmed down) one too many times, so now have a zero tolerance policy.

Why do my feet suddenly feel cold? Oh, I see.

You wouldn’t like me when I get super-pissed-off when someone claims my work is their own! Want me to send Natrenapa Chan-ngam after you to come hog the sheets? Well, I guess if you know who Natre is, chances are you’ve probably have done a fair amount of writing/publishing yourself and can come up with original material easily on your own. Plus, you already know that we horror fans need to stick together! Peace.

I’ll get enraged and narc on anyone who uses content I’ve created (including– but not limited to– text, images, and logos), and duplicates it, uses w/out my express permission, or otherwise claim it as their own work rather than mine. In turn, I afford you the same respect: should you or anyone who created and hold copyright for any of the content I have posted (clips, photos, or text) and were not properly credited, or if you just want your content removed, please just contact me at w/the pertinent info and I will be happy to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. Now, let’s get back to the fun stuff!

Peace out.

*Now that I think of it, as anyone who’s seen Shutter/They Are Around Us (2004) knows, owning any Polaroid photos/negatives/images of Natre–worse yet if she pops up in a photo that you took of someone or something else– ends up being very, very bad for your health. Especially your neck…


So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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