More found footage hints at darkness under the surface in ‘Night Film’


Night Film, the new mystery/horror novel by Marisha Pessi, will be released Tuesday, August 20th. Check out this kick-ass viral marketing!

Check out found footage and 4 posters from ‘Night Film’ by Marisha Pessl — EXCLUSIVE

Now here’s the coolest stuff yet we’ve found on the marketing for the new Marisha Pessl novel, Night Film. Those posters are not to be missed! We’d frame the third one down (“Figures Bathed In Light”) if a hard copy of the poster for the fictional film actually existed.


Sneak Preview: NIGHT FILM

…and here’s more scoop on the horror/mystery novel Night Film by Marisha Pessl. The Austin bookstore BookPeople‘s blog not only has great things to say about it, but thoughtfully provides a link to read an except from the novel, which releases on Tuesday. Horror Boom encourages you to buy this (and everything possible available in print) in a brick-and-mortar bookstore, or at least to buy a physical copy, when given the choice. Here in Seattle, bookstores–you know, the ones you can walk into and browse, pull books down from the shelf from and flip through the crisp pages (and if you’re lucky, still have a horror section), have been shutting down alarmingly quickly the last few years, and that includes chain bookstores. OK, we didn’t mean to make your Monday any more depressing than it already is, sorry.  Check out the novel’s “trailer” here if you haven’t yet, and the link to read an excerpt! Damn, it sounds cool so far.



If you were a fan of Special Topics in CalamityPhysics, then you likely already have next Tuesday 8/20 marked on your calendar. That’s when NightFilm, Marisha Pessl’s first novel since the highly acclaimed STCP, hits shelves.

When the daughter of a cult horror film director is found dead, investigative journalist Scott McGrath becomes obsessed with finding out the truth behind the girl’s “suicide”. Digging into the mysteries surrounding the director’s creepy legend (he hasn’t been seen in thirty years), Night Film weaves secret message boards and internet articles into the narrative to create a suspenseful literary thriller you’ll want to take along on those last few trips to Barton Springs. (Though of course we’re in Texas, so go ahead and feel free to carry this book to Barton Springs straight on through October.)

Raul, an Inventory Manager here, is one of the book’s biggest fans…

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See the chilling trailer for ‘Night Film’ by Marisha Pessl — EXCLUSIVE

We don’t know if we’ll ever get used to seeing ‘trailers’ for novels, but this caught our eye (and we like clever viral marketing for the horror genre, too). Get a load of this synopsis:

…the daughter of a reclusive horror film director Stanislav Cordova is found dead, and fallen journalist Scott McGrath falls into the maddening wormhole of trying to uncover the truth behind the girl’s murder. Night Film gets darker and more twisted the deeper McGrath ventures into Cordova’s world—the man hasn’t been seen in public in 30 years, and his films are so horrifying that it’s believed the person who created them must be seriously disturbed as well.

OK!  We’re on board. We’ll also poke around and see what other goodies are out there to promote author Marisha Pessl‘s Night Film and get back to you. To be continued!