‘True Blood’ season finale: EP Brian Buckner answers burning questions

Well, if you look for it, you can see MY burning question (glower). There’s a couple glimpses of hope for next season here, but if you’re already pissed at Buckner, several things he said will piss you off more:

EW: Tell me about the idea for Sam becoming mayor. BB: I understand that there is love for these basic tenets of the book. But even [author] Charlaine [Harris] understands that the books and the series are two completely different things at this point. And six seasons in, you need to be willing to accept change and make change. We don’t really have a town mayor anymore. We had this time passage. It seemed like a really fun thing to do. And then it can put Sam and Andy into story together, and I’ve always loved them in story together. You have the mayor and the sheriff, and they have opposing points of view about what’s going on in this town. Now we’ve created a new combination of characters to move into story together that we haven’t really had that much in the past. It’s all about shuffling the deck at this point.

Riiiiight. Actually we would have liked to hear more about why Sam ran for mayor, but hey, we’re only the ones watching the show and paying for HBO to see it. Why gear your answer towards us?  Oh! “Even the writer” understands the books and the show are different? Thanks for breaking it down for us like that, we realize now what morons we are and how clever you are. It can put them in the story together and “shuffle the deck”! We didn’t understand that about storytelling, because we’re idiots who’ve never watched well-written TV before . Be sure to please insult Charlaine Harris AND viewers (and indirectly, writers) all at the same time. We noticed the scene together by the way–no need to walk us through the fact they were having a conversation! Condescending hack “showrunner”. I knew I’d miss Alan Ball, but not this much… sigh. Well, do check this out if you want to know the book Eric Northman was reading when he sun bathed nude!