The Conjuring: Hollywood Horror Perfected

Another great conjuring review from, and another I agree wth. Sady, I still go into blurt mode when I try to review the movie, and don’t have anything formal up yet. The closest I came come is a list of bullet points. I agree with all the arguments against the article. (SPOILER ALERT). Yes. Ed did the actual exorcism, but it was Lorraine who really turned the tide. It has nothing to do with the Salem Witch Trials, for Chrissake (oops)! Whoever wrote the review has deep-seated issues that are causing them to actually see elements in the movie that aren’t even there. I’m a chick and a feminist, I know when a film (especially a genre film) slams women, degrades them, condescends to them, or just blows them off, and this was NOT one of those movies. If anything, it was empowering. Of course, I was too busy screaming to take away any sort of messages from the film, other than maybe being anti-demon. Also, that a movie doesn’t have to kill off any human characters to scare the living shit out of you. Thanks, WB Preston, for addressing the bullshit in the article – I get too worked up to write an orderly, rational piece on it addressing the points. Read on!


The Conjuring: Hollywood Horror Perfected




W.B. Preston


(– ***Spoilers For The Above*** –)

I have a deep and abiding love for horror films. Much of my early exposure to films stemmed from the horror genre, so believe me when I say, The Conjuring is nearly flawless. I say nearly due only to the veracity with which it sticks to the tropes of the genre. However those tropes have been executed flawlessly by James Wan and the writers Chad & Carey Hayes. I think it is safe to say that Mr. Wan has conquered the horror genre with Saw, Insidious, and now The Conjuring. I have not seen a Fast & Furius film since Tokyo Drift however I am quite tempted to see what Wan will do with FF7.

 This film is beautiful to look at, the coloring is sumptuous, and the cinematography not only has…

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