‘American Horror Story:’ Ryan Murphy on the latest ‘Coven,’ minotaur sex and next week’s introduction of…zombies! — EXCLUSIVE

EW: What can you say about next week’s episode?
Episode four is called “Fearful Pranks Ensue.” Kathy Bates is very confused about Halloween and when she finds out its Halloween she wants to go out and burn a bonfire in the front yard to keep the evil spirits away. We’re doing a real Marie Laveau/white zombie tribute. I recently watched again that movie I Walked with a Zombie. I always loved that movie and the voodoo zombies are very different from The Walking Dead zombies. It’s a very gripping two-parter.   -From the EW.com piece

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There’s old-school Romero zombies, and then there’s the original REALLY old-school voodoo zombies. We cannot freaking WAIT! Stay tuned for more! Oh, and those of us who read the Ryan Murphy post-episode interviews have learned the hard way that he should give his OWN spoiler alerts for upcoming episodes; he told us last week (maybe earlier) that Fiona was going to kill one of the students whose powers exceeded hers. As soon as she started being friendly to Madison, we–and probably everyone else who read it–knew. Oh well, it was still an amazing episode. Plus, the American Horror Story Halloween episode NEVER fails to blow us away and put us in the Halloween spirit (even if we thought our spirit couldn’t get any more enthusiastic). And wow, tonight’s episode was SICK! I mean, really sick. I’m glad I skipped the Jiffy Pop snack while watching…

‘American Horror Story’: Was [SPOILER] really killed off on the latest ‘Coven?!’

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Forget Madison (though she is entertaining to watch), I’m seriously concerned about Queenie!