TV Review: ‘American Horror Story: Coven’

UPDATE: Above link not working? Try clicking here instead for the Variety review, which we would consider slightly spoiler-ish.

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Oh “torture porn” our ass, Brian Lowry. Sounds to us like American Horror Story Coven just hits the ground running. We’ll be able to judge for ourselves soon enough!

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‘American Horror Story’: Ryan Murphy on why ‘Coven’ is the best season

Like Ryan Murphy really needs to sell us on this, right? You had us at ‘American Horror Story Coven,’ dude!  Less than 48 hours left!


‘Curse of Chucky’: Director Don Mancini talks about his horror sequel (and why he wants to make ‘Chucky — The Musical!’)

There’s supposed to be an actress who makes a surprise cameo at the end of the movie, and they spoil it here (we even skipped reading it, though we’re 90% sure who she is), so consider yourself spoiler-alerted. Curse of Chucky is out Tuesday the 8th (today, as of this writing) on VOD and DVD/Blu-ray. Netflix will have it in, but not till the second weekend of November. Anyway, welcome back, Chucky.