Film Review: ‘Nothing Left to Fear’

“It doesn’t take long, though, for cracks to form in this Norman Rockwell facade, starting around the time Mary bites into a slice of a housewarming cake and nearly chokes on a large, snaggly tooth concealed inside. But it takes a very long time before anything wiggles the needle on the fright meter, unless one counts the courtship scenes between Rebecca and the strapping, mysterious lamb-slayer Noah (Ethan Peck, grandson of Gregory), which play like outtakes from a 1980s Juicy Fruit commercial.”  

-from the Variety review

Yeah, we’ll skip this one… not an enticing review. You want to see Norman Rockwell gone horribly wrong, along with some really sick humor and genuinely disturbing moments (plus gallons of practical gore FX) we suggest you watch Excision (2012) first. Click the link to see the red band trailer and see if it’s to your tastes…