‘Breaking Bad’: On the set for the final scene — EXCLUSIVE

If you’re a fan, we highly recommend this EW.com piece – . All we can say for now is… SIGH. Also, some trivia about the finale will be coming -hopefully at least a couple of facts will be something you haven’t heard before – including a really gory effect that Vince Gilligan envisioned for the final shoot-out.  Greg Nicotero even came up with sketches and concept art, but it was so grisly that Gilligan finally decided it’d be distracting from the final scene with Walt and Jesse.


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Both of us watched the episode tonight, and both of us cursed in shock at least a couple of times. I’d expected to see something bad when Gaalen repeated, “Hands off,” to Jax with a sick smile …but not who the hands came from, that it’d be in the next act, and not that Tom Savini-esque grisly pile of sawed-up body parts. The written message on the pad from Otto to Lee (not going to repeat it here) got a HOAH! out of us, too.  We also were under the impression that Donal Logue was going to be around for at least eight episodes (and in fact, read he was signed on in a news item). Read the article for more info on exactly how and why Lee Toric’s fate changed.


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