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Take Our Horror ‘Voice Talent’ Poll – Who Would Be Your Dream Team For A Horror Audio Play?

So, last week I mentioned “Tales From Beyond the Pale,” and highlighted the new Season Two boxed set for sale. On Tales From Beyond The Pale, they don’t just have someone reading a horror story (the closest they have is a host, voiced by co-creator, co-writer and co-producer Larry Fessenden). Nope, everyone gets cast in a role, and they act it out along with talented live Foley artists; using practical sound effects (usually methods like the old radio plays would where they’d shake a box of rocks to simulate the sound of thunder …or some sound similar to that, I may have the sound wrong but I took a class in it at some point in my past and I recall vividly that box of rocks was in there, man) and a score. The sound they play for the TPBTP theme sounds a little bit like my favorite musical cue in the soundtrack to Carrie… the original. They’ve even acted out the show live at horror conventions, including very recently at the Stanley Hotel (the real-life inspiration for The Shining).

So far Tales From Beyond the Pale has cast a mix of “name” actors such as Sean Young, Vincent D’Onofrio, AJ Bowen, James Le Gross, Mark Margolis, and Angus Scrimm. Even if you haven’t heard of him or her, each cast member has a bio under the “Talent” section, and this certainly isn’t anyone’s first (or second) acting gig. Not too shabby!

So who would you like to hear in the cast, if you got to pick anyone you wanted? Lucky for us, we own the entire set of Tales From the Crypt audio stories, and some of the names I would have included in the poll list, I left off because they did episodes of Tales From The Crypt audio*: for one, Tim Curry. Gina Gershon did a great, campy job on one of them as a sexpot villainess (along with Luke Perry as her co-star). Pick up to four here, and feel free to choose ‘Other’ and use a write-in vote (Steve Buscemi? Sigourney Weaver? Jason Statham? That last one’s probably just me).  Tell us and we’ll publish the results. Tim Curry aaaalmost made it on the list anyway, because his vocal talents are that spectacular.


*Did you know that Tales From The Crypt theme song has actual lyrics? Your  Old Pal, The Cryptkeeper sings them very well. Better than Mrs. Horror Boom here could, though that’s not saying much…