‘Godzilla’: See Exclusive Clip From EW.com With Lots of M.U.T.O and Kaiju Action!

If you have to wait till Saturday or later to catch Godzilla (we’re buying our tickets online in a few hours for the Saturday night showing), here’s an action-heavy clip to keep you going till then. Side Note: if you’re familiar with Seattle, then you’ll know it’s playing at THE best place to see a movie hereabouts …the glamorous, glorious Cinerama, a single-screen, LARGE theater built before I was born and when there were no multiplexes, just one huge theater, one huge movie that Paul Allen saved from being torn down AND refurbished it. Plus, real butter on the popcorn) and shows there opening Friday night often sell out.
Anyway, click here (or on the ‘view original’ link on the lower left) for the cool-ass exclusive clip from EW.com featuring not one but TWO giant radioactive monsters destroying an airport. For all I know there’s a third in there.

(SPOILER ALERT, though not that huge of one if you’ve been following coverage) From what I’ve read of the plot, at least one horrible MUTO or “massive unidentified terrestrial organism,” shows up before the Big Guy and wreaks total havoc (sounds like there should be an “MF” before the acronym, but then it’d be less easy to verbalize) at more than one site; for one thing, their preferred snack is a nuclear bomb. I’m going to take a wild guess–I don’t know if it happens, just speculating–that one turns out to be female and pregnant (which would explain why it would might be slightly moody and seriously fuck up everything that gets in its way, and possibly the weird food cravings). There’s at least one that can fly and another that looks spider-ish (you see the first one in the trailer, and the second in the clip).  (END OF SPOILERS)

Screen shot 2014-05-17 at 4.24.14 AM

Hope that clip tides you over… Oooh man, it’s gonna be a long wait till Saturday! If you want to read the EW.com capsule review (they gave it a B-) you can click here.

(Click on ‘view original’ in the lower left to get the EW.com clip)