John’s Horror Corner: Curse of the Puppet Master (1998), and what should have been the death of a franchise

Here’s a great, and hilarious, review by John Leavengood on the worst movie in the Puppet Master franchise, with lots of helpful photos. I suppose I could review it myself, but guess what? I’M NOT SITTING THROUGH THIS SHITTY MOVIE! So thanks, Mr. Leavengood, for falling on the grenade for us, we appreciate it, plus your review is much more entertaining than the flick itself. We horror fans gotta stick together!


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MY CALL:  Hands down, the worst of the franchise.  Even serious fans will likely find nothing but disappointment here.  IF YOU LIKE THIS WATCHPuppet Master(1989), Puppet Master II(1991; the most slapstick crazy of the first three), Puppet Master III(1991) and Puppet Master 4(1993).  Also try Ghoulies(1985) and Ghoulies II(1988).  SEQUEL SIDEBARPuppet Master III(1991; set in 1941 and having the highest production value of the first three franchise installments) is actually a prequel to Puppet Master(1989), which occurs decades later in present day and is seamlessly followed story-wise by Puppet Master II(1991; which was the least serious, most zany installment).  Puppet Master 4(1993) returns us to present day after Puppet Master IIPuppet Master 5(1994) picks up right where part 4 ended and marks the most noticeable drop in quality of any other…

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