Cool! Another Spooky-Ass New ‘The Conjuring’ Featurette-Watch The Warren Files Here!

OK, not much write-up on this one because we have several more pieces to crank out on The Conjuring before it opens in less than 48 hours (and we’re already behind on that).

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This featurette features never-before-seen interviews with the cast (as well as Lorraine Warren) … plus some more new footage from the film! Worth a look below:

Running at about three minutes, it’s definitely worth a look-see. Damn, the house looks ominous (at best) even in the daytime… more to come soon!

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The “real-life” Perron family.

We Dare You To Watch NEW ‘The Conjuring’ Featurette at 3 AM (“The Devil’s Hour”) – Check It Out!

“[on Spirits]…everything is out there, and not all are our friends.”  -Paul Eno, Paranormal researcher



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You’ve probably heard that Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, is the day/night of the year when the veil between the spirit world and the human world in the thinnest. According to this new featurette  for The Conjuring (opening Friday, July 19th), the hour that you have the most chance of making contact with the spirit world– or, the spirit world making contact with you–



–is not midnight (‘the witching hour’), but 3AM.

Watch the featurette below (also brought to us by VICE)  and find out why. Warning: this is information you might will almost certainly regret learning if you wake up in the middle of the night and it happens to be around 3:00 AM*. Especially if something feels… off.

And yup, there’s new footage from the movie!  We were at Horror Boom will have seen the movie less than 48 hours from now, and are actually trying to avoid too much new footage, since we don’t want any more jump scares ruined. Or maybe we do… at the time of this writing, it’s past 3AM …but still full dark out.

If you get easily freaked out, here is a cute, hopefully soothing screen cap from the featurette showing Ms. Warren’s pet cat (Lorraine is in the background, out of focus).

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 4.39.01 AM

Since she’s very sensitive to the paranormal– hell*, she’s clairvoyant– maybe she doesn’t get that unsettling feeling many people do when your cat (or dog) suddenly stares intently at the wall–or worse yet, behind and above you– and you remember how often you’ve had mentioned to you that “cats can see things we can’t”. I don’t know about you, but daytime or early evening (still light out) one of the cats starts acting like it can sense something and acts strangely, we immediately think oh shit, earthquake, or other wrath of nature about to hit, then follow the cat around for a few minutes or longer until she shrugs it off and acts like herself again. But if any pet does the same thing after dark… we turn on the lights pretty fucking fast.

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 4.34.25 AM

I know energy conservation started getting big in the early 70s, but screw it. In THIS house? Every light in the place after dark ON!

Remember to check local listings, there’s sneak previews Thursday night around here playing in at least 10 theaters (at 8:00PM and 10:15-ish, we notice) of The Conjuring in our area code alone. Shit, I think they even listed a couple theaters OUT of our area code–probably about a 2 hour drive– and some we didn’t even know existed, so look into it!  If you’re lucky enough to see it early, remember not to get too excited and post spoilers when you’re talking about it. If you do ruin any part of the movie for someone who can’t see it yet, we’ll send the below creepy-ass doll after you!


Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 4.35.18 AM

You also might make “Bathsheba” angry, and you don’t want that, she’s scary enough just showing up, let alone when she’s mad at you…

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*One of the few benefits of insomnia, I guess, is already being awake at 3:00 AM about ninety percent of the time.

**Sorry for the bad language, Ms. Warren. I actually felt slightly guilty using “hell” in the same sentence with her. No disrespect, ma’am.

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