Jason Edmiston’s brilliant Evil Dead 2 print

Yeah, I wouldn’t say “Brilliant” is an overstatement. WOW. Take a gander at this beaut by horror artist Jason Edmiston!

Those of you who have been around these parts for a while should be very familiar with horror artist Jason Edmiston’s work as I’ve featured it plenty of times right here on Rhino’s Horror. In fact, the header image for the blog is art by Edmiston as well — it’s safe to say that he’s among one of my favorite artists working today. Yesterday, word spread like wild fire that his Evil Dead 2 print would be going on sale today through Mondo, and for good reason as the poster itself is absolutely gorgeous and one of Mondo’s best prints of the year. I was among one of the lucky 325 people to snag one of these today and I couldn’t be happier so I thought I’d show you guys!

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