Game of Thrones: The Rains of Castamere (Surprise Surprise: SPOILER ALERT!)

We knew too, but didn’t expect the massacre the kick off the way it did… funny, having a little trouble falling asleep tonight!


The Skinny from the Fatty

Well. Having read the novels, I knew what was coming tonight.




Holy shit. Seeing it is completely different. I cannot imagine the pants being soiled this evening by non-readers of the best novel series of the last 50 years.


King Robb and his army travel to The Twins to marry his Uncle Edmure off to the Frey’s- whom Robb insulted by marrying Talisa. All is made well by this new arrangement….Until

Frey, and Roose Bolton, betray them. Talisa is stabbed repeatedly in the womb- killing her, and Baby Ned. Robb’s army is destroyed and he, and mother Catelyn, are filled with arrows. Roose Bolton stabs Robb in the heart and Catelyn’s throat is slit.



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