Indie Horror Filmmaker Tim Buel

Since we’ve lagged juuuust a tad in our “Scariest Short Horror Movie Of The Week” feature (which we genuinely regret) here’s an excellent post from blackiswhite, also a WordPress blog. Plenty to watch from California horror filmmaker Tim Buell:  Unaired (2009), On That Day (2010) and Outcast (2011) —plus a great analysis from the writer.

black is white

Today I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Tim Buel’s short horror films are readily available on YouTube. Three of the Californian filmmaker’s shorts have been uploaded so far: Unaired (2009), On That Day (2010) and Outcast (2011). Every one of those is well worth checking out, especially if you’re a genre fan like yours truly.

Unaired (2009) is Tim’s spin on the found footage sub-genre. It revolves around a television crew, shooting a reality show on paranormal phenomena. Much like in Grave Encounters (2011), the troupe ends up being stuck in a real haunted house, unlike that movie (that came out 2 years later) this one shows you less, and that’s why it’s more successful. It’s also half the runtime and overall feels more fresh and fun. The filmmaker realizes the faux documentary angle is a gimmick and understands its limitations, but manages to respect the…

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