‘Hemlock Grove’ renewed for shorter second season

It didn’t exactly set our world on fire, but they DID leave a few cliffhangers to address. I have faith in Chick Eglee as a show-runner. Also, ten episodes will hopefully make them tighten the ship a little… though when it comes to ‘being scared of things I never expected’, well, not quite as confident. Despite Eli Roth getting a little grandiose in his official statement here, we’ll watch it (unless they kill another pet cat)! We’re also going to re-think things if Nicotero-Berger aren’t involved with the practical effects

James Gandolfini: A subtle, versatile star who left TV in better shape than he found it

We agree. Not horror news? OK, an episode of The Sopranos (“Whoever Did This”) actually gave Mrs. Horror Boom here a nightmare. There. God, that show could get disturbing.