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See what evil looks like in the first trailer for Dark Touch

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We’re among the ones feeling hesitant about the Carrie remake - we’d prefer at this point that they’d just re-release the 1976 version. Marina De Van’s Dark Touch, though, just went on our watch list, thanks to this trailer. You’ll notice a Fangoria review is referenced several times in the trailer - click here if you’d like to give it a read, too –recommended. Don’t miss the trailer!

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“Are you giving me a good-night kiss?”


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If you’re still feeling hesitant towards the upcoming Carrie remake, you might want to check out Marina de Van’s Dark Touch as it looks to have drawn some inspiration from Stephen King’s classic novel but with its own little touch. It’s not too often we get to see a kid leave a path of bloody destruction behind them so I’m all for giving this one a chance. Directed by In My Skin‘s Marina de Van, Dark Touch looks visually awesome and pretty damn intense. The first trailer for the film has dropped and while it starts out pretty generic and slow, it picks up steam about half way through and never lets up. With plenty of horror fans not so excited about the upcoming Carrie remake, Dark Touch looks like it could be a solid enough option.

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