Review: Jug Face is a backwoods tale of slow-burning horror

Our budget is such that we’re still holding out for Chad Crawford Kinkle’s Jug Face to show on Netflix (or as an Amazon rental), so we can’t really give you a personal review. Ryan, however, has pretty sharp taste in horror movies, and we trust his judgement, so take a look at his review right here from Rhino’s Horror!

The indie backwoods horror flick Jug Face is a fantastic feature debut from Chad Crawford Kinkle as he crafts a patient slow-burning tale of a mysterious pit in the woods that chooses who lives and who dies. Jug Face tells the story of a pregnant teen trying to escape a backwoods community when she discovers that she may be sacrificed to a creature in a pit.

It’s an extremely well shot and thought out film that doesn’t waste any time explaining just what exactly is going on with this evil pit. Instead we learn quickly that the pit is just a way of life for this community as they go on with their daily business; that is, until the pit wants a sacrifice. One of the film’s creepiest elements is how accepting these people are when it becomes their turn to be sacrificed to the pit. The scenes are haunting…

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10 things we learned about TV exit strategies from the creators of ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Lost,’ and ‘Six Feet Under’

We’re going to be doing some crying of our own after we finish watching the Breaking Bad finale; we’re guessing more than once. Nice comment, GRRM – don’t worry about “messing up the end”, because at the rate you’re going, Game of Thrones might outlive you. (We never watched “Lost”, we just thought it was shitty of GRRM to throw stones in that department).