‘Breaking Bad’ stars reveal which props they kept (or stole)

Be sure to check out the link for the ScreenBid Breaking Bad auction items. Yep, you can have a creepy pink burned bear (there must be more than one, since Aaron Paul says he was getting the main one), or Hector “Tio” Salamanca’s (AKA ‘Uncle Ring-a-Ding’) bell. On that last item, the bidding starts at $3500.00.  Wonder what the starting bid on Walter White’s Aztec is? Read on!


‘Breaking Bad’: Betsy Brandt says ‘The ending is good, it’s really good’

We’re going to be crying like babies no matter how good the finale is… after we wake up on Monday and it hits us that Breaking Bad is over, yo. Or, something on the series finale might do the trick. Oooooh, MAN.