Cannes Film Review: ‘Heli’

Well, doesn’t this sound like a bag and a half of fun! This review from Variety is showing up here because we missed covering some of the genre films that were reviewed at Cannes this year. We actually think we’ll pass on this one, though; “violent despair” coupled with animal cruelty and “sledgehammer miserablism” isn’t really our thing (and we own copies of Inside, Martyrs, and Frontiere/s–all uncut– though we go at least two, sometimes three years between watchings, though).

Heli… just… no thanks. But in case it sounds good to you, now you know about it! Note: The featured image above is not in the movie; it was on our media library and seemed like a good generic messy photo at the time we edited this.

So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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