Cannes Film Review: ‘Nothing Bad Can Happen’

If this was the most horrifying movie at Cannes this year, as reviewer Scott Foundas states in his review (see Heli , among others), then we can’t decide to put it on our watch list, or just play it safe and back off on this one.

“Convinced that Benno is in fact a test from above meant to strengthen his fate, Tore sticks around, which only puts him in line for more grievous harm, the nature of which ultimately leads “Nothing Bad Can Happen” into full-blown “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”/“Last House on the Left” territory. By then, the pic’s initially intriguing ideological clash between a true believer and a heretic becomes little more than a catalogue of human behavior at its most depraved…”

And the downside to that taking place in a movie is…? Just kidding (sort of). Looks like Drafthouse will be releasing the film in the U.S. as Nothing Bad Can Happen, rather than the original English-language title “Rising.”


So, What Do You Fellow Horror Fans Think?

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