In Memoriam – Ray Harryhausen

The outpouring of honest, heartfelt love and admiration continuing to flow from other writers, especially fellow fans and WordPress writers on their blogs, is surprisingly touching. Sound sappy? We don’t care. …and it helps ease the melancholy to know –even though it sounds like a cliché– this master artist’s work and vision will leave a legacy etched in stone.

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“Guys like him… they live forever.”

Battered, Tattered, Yellowed, & Creased

From the teeth of the hydra come the children of the damned:

I don’t think it’s any huge secret I grew up watching reels and reels of old-school b-movies and creature features from the ’50s and ’60s. I remember a lot of really cheesy movies best left for after dark (or MST3k), but two names in specific are evocative of my misspent youth. Godzilla. And Ray Harryhausen.

I think it was Harryhausen who gave me a lifelong interest in science fiction, fantasy, horror, the fantastic in all of its guises. (Well, along with another Ray, last name of Bradbury.) I don’t think I’d have read as many Greek classics without seeing Jason and the Argonauts for the umpteenth billion time as a kid, nor would I have a fascination with swashbuckling Middle Eastern fantasy if I hadn’t watched and re-watched the Sinbad movies every time I got the flu. I first knew of…

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