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Check Out Variety’s Tribeca Film Review of ‘Zombeavers’

Mrs. Horror Boom (HorrorBoom.com):

Rubin and company have clearly made a close study of Raimi’s original “Evil Dead” (and its inspired, latter-day successor “Cabin in the Woods”) as well as such tongue-in-cheek invasive-critter pics as “Gremlins,” “Ghoulies” and James Gunn’s marvelous “Slither.” But the best of those movies achieved a deadpan grace, a certain conviction in their own absurdity, that “Zombeavers” never approaches. Rubin’s style is more Wayans brothers than Zucker brothers, with a lot of how-low-can-you-go gross-out gags (including a bit of beaver-assisted castration) and lots of shouted line readings in place of characters whose survival (or lack thereof) might engender even the slightest rooting interest.

-from the Variety review by Scott Foundas

Yeah, well, I suffered sat through fucking Beneath yesterday (the only reason I bothered to watch the entire thing was out of hatred for the characters  and the chance to see them die horribly*), and even with this, well, mixed review from Variety, Zombeavers still doesn’t sound too bad.  I think I can stand 76 minutes of a ‘one note horror parody’ when the filmmakers were trying for ‘Sam Raimi meets Jim Henson’, even if they didn’t quite get there, and give Zombeavers a shot. Also, the end-credits teaser described –you’ll have to read the entire Variety review to find out the title– sounds worth the rental alone.

*I ended up giving “Beneath” two out of ten stars on IMDB, one for casting Mark Margolis–who deserves much, much better even if he hadn’t played Hector, AKA Uncle Ring-a-Ding, on Breaking Bad–and one for using practical makeup/creature FX. Two stars still seems generous, though.

Originally posted on Variety:

If Sam Raimi and Jim Henson had dreamed up a movie together … well, it wouldn’t have looked very much like “Zombeavers,” though you can tell that’s the target director Jordan Rubin was vaguely aiming for with his well-meaning but wan, title-tells-all horror parody. An inspired idea in search of better gags and actors with even an iota of Bruce Campbell’s rubber-limbed elan, this debut feature for standup and sketch-comedy vet Rubin is not without flashes of ingenuity, but the one-joke premise wears thin even before the mercifully brief 76-minute running time is up. Still, the pic’s title alone will ensure a certain amount of attention on the midnight and genre circuits, if not any larger, “Sharnado”-sized penetration of the zeitgeist.

We begin on a rural stretch of Indiana highway, where a couple of doofus truck drivers transporting hazardous medical waste plow into a deer and send one barrel of…

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The Editing Room Takes On The Prawns In District 9: The Abridged Script!


(to documentary cameras)

Hey, look, that alien has a canister of fluid I’ve never seen before. Let me point it at my face.



Well, I’m sure that’s nothing to worry about.

(coughing fit)

No sense in reporting it to anyone.

(vomits black oil)

I’m going to head home to the wife.

(several fingers and his left ear fall off)


-From the Abridged Script by Rick Lewis

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 11.26.47 PM


Disclaimer: Personally, I have absolutely no complaints whatever about District 9. In fact, it is on the list of movies that I rented and completely fell in love with so much that I either paused it halfway in to go online and purchase a copy of the movie, or did so immediately after the end credits start rolling. So, I don’t agree with the gripes about the movie that Rick Lewis, writer of the ‘abridged script’ has. That being said, the Abridged Script is fucking hilarious and worth a read. Check it out by clicking below!


District 9: The Abridged Script  – The Editing Room.


BTW, I wish the phone number for “Multi-National United,” the shitty corporation in the movie, still worked. They not only had this awesome viral feature up and running, but they had a phone tree. At the time, I pressed “3″ to report a (fictional) sighting of a ‘prawn’ and when they actually asked me to describe the encounter with as many details as I could on their voicemail (after agreeing they could use it for promotion without giving me any credit) I ad-libbed a complaint about my neighbors encouraging them to come onto our “human-only” property by feeding them cat food. Shit, maybe it does still work! If you can make out the phone number on the promo material/poster in the image (I can’t), what the hell, give it a shot. I didn’t even get through all the options.

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TV Review: ‘Salem’

Originally posted on Variety:

Marking WGN’s concerted foray into original series, “Salem” wants to have it both ways. This late-17th-century dive into the Salem, Mass., witch trials paints the Puritans as hypocritical scolds, yet also embraces the notion that there really were witches operating at the time, which makes their capital punishments seem a little less crazed and paranoid — never mind that it runs counter to the rather more dull historical record and lessons learned about the true nature of witch hunts. Mostly, this basic-cable drama plays like a rather flat supernatural soap, despite the lush period trappings.

While generally lacking in distinguishing characteristics, “Salem” does push boundaries by experimenting with just how much nudity can be displayed without actually showing genitalia (kudos to whoever had the job of gluing on those strands of hair).

Created by Brannan Braga (a veteran of various “Star Trek” reboots) and Adam Simon, the series certainly doesn’t…

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‘Salem’ Trailer Premiere: This Show Looks Darker Than We Thought — Check it out on EW.com (VIDEO)

Mrs. Horror Boom (HorrorBoom.com):

Yeah, think we’re going to give this a look. Chances are it’s not any worse than the last several episodes of AHS Coven. The chick at the end looks like she belongs in Martyrs (minus the blood).

I know, right?

I know, right?

Check the trailer out below, and remember, the series Salem will premiere this Sunday, AKA Easter, on WGN America. Haven’t seen any reviews yet, but we’ll get them to you! Hit ‘View original’ in the lower left to get to the EW.com piece with the l trailer for Salem.

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url="http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2014/04/15/Salem.jpg" credit="WGN" align="left"]

Witchcraft. Wild accusations. Shane West’s wig.

There’s a lot to look at in the following new trailer for WGN America’s first original series Salem, a new scripted show set against the backdrop of 17th-century Massachusetts’s infamous witch trials. The twist: In this version of the story, the witches are real. (Think Hocus Pocus, but not actually anything like Hocus Pocus.)

West stars as John Alden, a soldier who returns home only to find his village whipped into a witch-hunting frenzy. He also happens to be an old flame of Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) — a member of Salem’s elite who, oh yeah, also happens to be a powerful sorceress. Both characters are based on actual historical figures; any Salem scholar who examines the show’s cast list will find more familiar names, including Tituba (played here by Revenge‘s Ashley Madekwe) and Cotton Mather (

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Takeshi Yamada & Carnivorous Nights Taxidermy Contest Return to Bell House

Mrs. Horror Boom (HorrorBoom.com):

We can’t believe we missed this; Takeshi Yamada has been an obsession of ours ever since we discovered him online about five years ago. This excellent article also contains the link to his impressive new website, so do NOT miss it! His official website also contains this phrase so you have something new to add to your bucket list (if money permits): “From amusement park attractions & freak shows, to special events, parties, or simply for your treasured Cabinet of Curiosities, Yamada tailors the creation for you.” Take some time to absorb those possibilities…

Originally posted on Amusing the Zillion:

Jersey Devil

Takeshi Yamada and his Jersey Devils at the Carnivorous Nights Taxidermy Contest in 2011. Photo © Takeshi Yamada

The last time Takeshi Yamada competed in the Secret Science Club’s Carnivorous Nights Taxidermy Contest was in 2011, when he won the “Shock and Awe Award” for his Jersey Devils. He also brought along a freak snake human baby and his constant companion the Sea Rabbit Seara. The Coney Island artist and rogue taxidermist will unveil his newest wonders and curiosities when the event returns to Brooklyn’s Bell House on Sunday evening. The contest was not held in 2012 and 2013 due to Superstorm Sandy, Yamada says.

Fiji Mermaid

Rogue Taxidermy by Takeshi Yamada via takeshiyamada.weebly.com

At the 2009 contest, Yamada was awarded “The Most Twisted Prize” for his family of freak show babies made from his own skin. There’s a Two-headed Baby, Mermaid Baby, Octopus Baby, Lobster Baby, Snake Baby, Penguin Baby, and…

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Intense Horror Thriller “Proxy” Opens 4/18 – Find Out If Can You Stomach the Brutal First Five Minutes

Deciding whether to see Zack Parker’s Proxy, but aren’t sure if you want to because it might be too violent? Allow us to help you decide by posting this clip for you to view.

We wanted to add EXTREME CONTENT WARNING to the title of the post, but it was already too long. So first, EXTREME VIOLENCE WARNING, even for Horror Boom. In fact, Mrs. Horror Boom here felt a little queasy at the ending, and I’ve never even been pregnant. I don’t recommend it if you’re pregnant, especially if you’re worried something will go wrong; same goes if your wife/partner/sibling, etc. is pregnant. As I mentioned earlier in my intro to the review Variety gave it (which was pretty positive), I do know of people who watched Inside while pregnant. If you’re one of those people then hey, watch away. I just don’t want to get yelled at for not warning you. If you’re eating something right now, you may want to set it aside while you watch. Okay?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the content, the clip is titled (on YouTube, anyway) as the following: “A Baby Is Beaten From a Pregnant Woman in Controversial Thriller Film ‘Proxy’”. That should weed out some of you right there. Also, over half the various comments on sites that ran the clip that I’ve read have been along the lines of that’s not art, that’s not even horror, that’s sick!  So consider yourself warned (again).

Did Zack Parker make a good movie? You can read the Variety review here, and here’s the link to Rotten Tomatoes and their page for the shocker (67% fresh as of this writing, if you were wondering) where you read many more reviews. Neither of us at Horror Boom have seen it yet (but with the reviews, we will be).

So! Proxy will be available on various VOD platforms in less than 24 hours… or, depending on when you read this, possibly right now.

Good Lord!

Good Lord!



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Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno: See The First Official Trailer (And Official Release Date) Right Here In HD!

I am sorry to report that this is a “green band” trailer; and also it appears the movie has been trimmed down enough for an R-Rating (though knowing Roth, he’s not going to let all that Nicotero practical FX work go to waste and we’ll get an unrated version on DVD).  Check out the promising first official trailer below in glorious HD:

We have a bad feeling that some of the footage shown (you can probably figure out what) is from a female circumcision* scene that fortunately does not go all the way. First time I’ve appreciated an Eli Roth film NOT showing something.


THE Official Release Date for The Green Inferno is:

September 5th, 2014!

Which is still too goddamned long to wait! Well, hey, we’ve been waiting over a year, might as well wait a few more months. Damnit!



*AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGH! In a Women Studies class in college, they showed us all actual film footage of one, performed with a BROKEN BOTTLE, that scarred me (and probably everyone else there who hadn’t seen it before) for life. A few people bolted out of the auditorium, including one of the few guys in the class. My brain also protected me by deciding to black out the last half of the footage from my memory, but trust me, it was bad enough.


Netflix’s ‘Hemlock Grove’ Season Two Will Premiere This July!

Mrs. Horror Boom (HorrorBoom.com):

Famke Janssen is back? That should be interesting. I doubt she’ll be too chatty, though. Here’s to hoping that they keep up the eye-popping awesome practical FX that showed up last season… and that Greg Nicotero is in charge again!

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url="http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2013/04/23/Hemlock-Grove-Review_612x380.jpg" credit="Sophie Giraud/Netflix" align="left"]

Netflix original series Hemlock Grove will return to the streaming site with a second season Friday, July 11.

The Emmy-nominated supernatural thriller will come back with 10 hour-long episodes starring Famke Janssen, Bill Skarsgård, Landon Liboiron, and Dougray Scott.

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Watch: First Trailer for David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps to the Stars’

Mrs. Horror Boom (HorrorBoom.com):

OK, this isn’t a horror movie so much as a dramatic thriller, but David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars has a post-production trailer that looks interesting. Also, the Hollywood family portrayed in the thriller looks pretty fucked-up. If you saw Chan-Wook Park’s Stoker, you know Mia Wasikowska can play one creepy, deadly, and awesome daughter. Click “View original” in the lower left to watch the trailer on Variety.com!

Originally posted on Variety:

Hollywood is no stranger to messed up families, but David Cronenberg takes it to another level with the Weiss family in “Maps to the Stars,” which debuted its first promo Monday.

The film stars John Cusack as Stanford Weiss, a millionaire who made his money with self-help manuals. His wife, played by Olivia Williams, serves as manager to their child star son Benjie (Evan Bird), who recently finished rehab.

Meanwhile, Benjie’s sister, played by Mia Wasikowska, was recently treated for criminal pyromania. Julianne Moore’s character is an actress and client of Stanford’s who wants to remake a ’60s film that made her now-deceased mother Clarice famous. She is shown in the trailer getting hot and heavy with her limo driver, a.k.a. Robert Pattinson.

While no domestic release date has been announced yet, it’s likely to screen at this year’s Cannes in May. eOne will distribute in the U.S.

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Film Review: ‘Proxy’

Mrs. Horror Boom (HorrorBoom.com):

This looks pretty horrifying. If you don’t think so, you haven’t seen the opening, which is BRUTAL and I advise you not to watch if you’re pregnant or you’re a loved one of someone who is. Then again, I read a series of posts on the IMDB boards for INSIDE that basically said this:

Guy #1: Hey, my wife is pregnant and about 6 months in, but we want to rent and see this movie together, would you recommend it in our case or is it too potentially upsetting?
Me: Hey, guy #1, when it comes to watching Inside when your wife is due to give birth in a couple months HOW ABOUT NO? I saw it when I was not pregnant (never been pregnant or plan to) and I was so scared that the last 5 minutes I actually started to cry, OK? And you’re talking to a very, very jaded horror fan who owns copies of some of the most fucked-up movies, from all over the world, ever made. You COULD watch it now, but I would not recommend it, in fact I literally cannot think of a worse movie to watch when you’re pregnant (and yes, I’ve seen the rare uncut version of “A Serbian Film”. That’s my advice.
Guy #2: yeah, I’d say it’s fine. Go ahead and watch it together. I saw it when my sister had just found out she was pregnant, and it didn’t bother me.
Me: No, seriously, unless you’re popping Xanax, which you can’t because you’re pregnant. Oh, and just to let you and your third-trimester pregnant wife know, even without the whole “woman attempting to cut out the heroine’s baby with a giant pair of shears” plot line, it’s one of the bloodiest, most gory movies I’ve ever seen. By the last half hour of the movie, everything/everyone that can be covered with blood, IS covered in blood. When I watched the “making of” extra, several times the main actress (in her 20s) had to take a break because she couldn’t stop crying when a scene was being set up. Just wait. Even the R-rated version is very brutal.
Guy #1: Yeah, I’m gonna rent it now, she says it won’t bother her.
Guy #2: Cool, dude. Hope you guys enjoy the movie!

So anyway, yeah, well be watching this when it comes out on VOD April 18th. I’ll post the link to the opening some point soon– if you must see it RIGHT NOW then Dread Central has the clip posted in HD (with a bunch of warnings prefacing it).

Originally posted on Variety:

Audacious twists make the initially unpromising thriller “Proxy” grow more bizarre and compelling as it goes along. Skirting horror and black-comedy terrain without quite surrendering to either, the pic proves rather bracing even if it doesn’t hold up to much plot-logic scrutiny: This narrative is plausible only so long as you accept that anyone and everyone onscreen might have a homicidal maniac lurking inside them. Commencing a limited theatrical release and simultaneous VOD launch on April 18, following extensive fest travel, this accomplished guilty pleasure probably won’t achieve more than modest cult favor, but should nonetheless be a profile-raiser for director/co-scenarist Zack Parker, whose three prior features flew under the radar.

Heavily pregnant Esther (Alexia Rasmussen) seems an odd candidate for motherhood, being rather sullen, withdrawn and awkward around other people — and that’s before, when walking home from an OB-GYN appointment, she’s knocked unconscious and savagely beaten in an…

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