What the fuck is this? I'm really asking.

Dude, What The… Anyone Recognize This?


Have you ever been doing some housekeeping on your computer, then run across an image that not only do you not recall downloading, but that you cannot identify at all?

Does this help? No?

Well, I am pretty certain that this shot is in fact from a horror movie. Possible a gooey sci-fi/horror hybrid. I can’t tell what the hell it is, though. I am going to guess… um… that it isn’t human, due to what I believe is a long tooth poking out, but then again, I can’t even find the face. If it IS a face. Could be a shattered mangled accident victim’s limb, but I doubt it. Dead body? Monster? Dead body of a monster? Your guess is as good as mine.

Does looking at a smaller version help? No? Damn.

I’m usually good at identifying images from horror films, but this one? No clue.  Your guess is as good as mine. Ay takers, please comment below! Hell, I’ll even take wild guesses at this point.

Check out the “featured image” above and take a stab at it (as Your Old Pal The Crypt Keeper would say)!