‘Tales from the Darkside’ reboot from Joe Hill in development at The CW

…and if the ‘reboot’ doesn’t happen, then we’ve got the original to fall back on. Some of those episodes scared the bejesus out of us. Remember the “Halloween Candy” episode that Tom Savini did with the grouchy old man who hated giving out candy and was shitty to the kids trick-or-treating? And he re-used the monster from “The Crate” segment in Creepshow? God, we love horror anthology films and TV shows, and this one has some promising names attached to it… we won’t count on it happening, but it’s sure good news on a dark November night. And we LOVED the 1990 movie – remember Debbie Harry playing a witch in the wrap-around story?  I saw it in the theater, bought the movie on VHS tape, and on DVD over the years. If you don’t remember it… well, does a young Steve Buscemi (still years away from hitting the A-List back then) as a nerd who resurrects a blood-thirsty mummy, Dave Johansen playing a hitman fighting a “cat from Hell”, or beautiful Debbie Harry keeping a little boy locked up in a cage in her kitchen as she prepares to cook him for dinner that night ring a bell? No? See Tales From The Darkside: The Movie ASAP.  And the series, available on Netflix, isn’t too shabby either!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tom Savini’s Death Island movie campaign on Indiegogo

The Grinning Skull

In a departure from the usual wargaming stuff, we go to the realms of movieland and the undead, Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for Tom Savini‘s Death Island!!

Ok, so if you don’t know who Tom Savini is, you might as well be a zombie! Serious fans of the horror genre will instantly recognise the legendary man behind this brilliant new Indiegogo campaign to raise $1 million to fund a new zombie film, Death Island.

Tom is a SFX pioneer, accomplished actor (Knightriders, Dawn of the dead (original & remake), From Dusk till Dawn) , director and producer, and this new movie will mark his return as director since he did the remake of Romero’s original Night of the Living dead. With the help of us lot, we could make this a reality and even get a speaking role in the upcoming film (Yeah, I…

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Maniac (2012) Review

Guess what’s now available on VOD?  Ha-hah!  The Maniac remake is! Watched it starting at 12:01 AM Friday morning, and if you saw the original on VHS like I did, you’ll be pleasantly (if that’s the word) surprised. I kept hoping they wouldn’t fuck the final scene (the one from the original Maniac pictured above in the ‘feature image’) up. Nope! They did not! Nicotero-Berger took over from Tom Savini on the PRACTICAL EFX and paid full tribute. Our review to follow- here’s Rob Nelson’s on Variety.com.

Cool Kick-Starting Project: George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead …Live!

I’m laughably broke right about now. Perhaps partially because a couple of years ago, I bought my husband and I VIP passes to attend a special cocktail party/fireside chat with George Romero–and there were only fifty spots, so I didn’t think about the insane high price when I was practically spraining my fingers getting out my credit card for a reservation.

Kick Starting Project: George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead Live

I keep trying to write about meeting Mr. Romero, but every time I do, I just geek out and go into blurt mode. The ‘Don of the Dead’ could not have been nicer or more real. Anyway, things are lean, so I’m more than happy to support this project by spreading the word about it. Maybe I’ll have a couple of bucks left after Halloween, but until then, I’ll pass it on! Please do the same if this sounds as awesome to you as it does to me!

Evans City cemetery in 2007, a filming locatio...

Evans City cemetery in 2007, a filming location for George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They’re coming to get you, Barbara…

Kick Starting Project: George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead Live