“You’re Next” – Big-Ass Gallery of Screencaps From Trailer!

So far there’s just the one trailer for Adam Wingard‘s You’re Next; we’re guessing you’ve seen it. Of course, it’s got that standard horror trailer trick; as the trailer winds up, we get isolated images, then images flashing by faster and faster. So, we grabbed all we could – and the ones at the very end go FAST. We’re surprised we were successful at getting as many of those ones as we did!

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We actually cut out most of the ones of the masked killers, since they’re all over the promo material. Instead, we tried to include at least some stuff you may not have noticed yet (some is almost impossible to if you watch the trailer at normal speed) – some are from the start of the trailer, but some are also blink-and-you’ll-miss-them shots. If you’ve read spoilers–which you shouldn’t do, seriously– some you may make you feel kinda clever when you identify what scene they’re probably from*. *If that came out sounding snarky, we didn’t mean it that way, we actually felt that way recognizing a few key ones.

You’re Next opens August 23rd, and they’re showing advance screenings in some cities. If you want to keep track, you can check out this handy page on the official, well-designed Tumbler site ( which may as well be titled Fuck Yeah, You’re Next) right here!

We actually thought at first (and second) sight that this was a shot of one of the younger actresses playing a daughter or a girlfriend. It is, in fact, Ms. Barbara Crampton herself ...looking amazing at 55.

We actually thought at first (and second) sight that this was a shot of one of the younger actresses playing a daughter or a girlfriend. It is, in fact, Ms. Barbara Crampton herself …looking amazing at 55.

That reminds us, this might be a good time to repeat that we do NOT own the right to any of these screencaps or any images whatsoever connected to You’re Next. Those are property of the filmmakers and Lionsgate Entertainment, NOT Horror Boom and are for entertainment purposes for fans only.  If you DO own the rights and want it taken down for copyright reasons, contact us and Horror Boom is happy to comply– we’re not looking for any trouble.

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 11.00.51 PM

*If that came out sounding snarky, we didn’t mean it that way; we actually felt strangely proud of ourselves for recognizing a few key ones.

You’re Next (TIFF 2011) Review – Masked Mayhem from Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett

Yet more kudos from reviewers for You’re Next. We’re concerned this is only going to be a limited theatrical release (August 23rd… for some reason getting to see it in a theater seems to good to be true) , but we’ll keep you posted. We’re also aware several reviews we’ve “(re)pressed” here are from Fall of 2011; the movie debuted on the festival circuit (Midnight Madness at TIFF). We also have yet to find a bad, or even mediocre review, though we’re still sifting through them. In the meantime, here’s another from Entertainment Maven for you to enjoy, and probably get you jones-ing a little to see it, if you’re not already anticipating You’re Next (see our helpful Countdown Clock on the far right sidebar).


Entertainment Maven

Standing in line last night at Midnight Madness was a true test of willpower. I was waiting to see You’re Next, the new film from the guys that brought us A Horrible Way to Die, and I was scared out of my mind. I think at some level we are all afraid of the subjects of horror films; zombies, madmen, werewolves, etc., that’s why we watch, to be scared. However, we also have our idiosyncratic fears that will be shared by some, but the suffocating terror that seems to sink into our very bones will be not be experienced by the majority of viewers. My ‘special’ fear just happens to be masked assailants and motiveless killers. How quaint that You’re Next stars men in animal masks wielding crossbows, machetes and axes, who show up uninvited at a family reunion. It also didn’t help that an ingenious graffiti ad…

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You’re Next (Variety Review)

Disclaimer! All we’ve seen as of this writing is the trailer, so we can’t agree or argue with the reviewer on the quality of You’re Next. Oh, we DID, however, have a crucial, shocking twist late in the movie ruined for us by some selfish asshole of a “reviewer” who apparently didn’t feel it was necessary to add spoiler alerts (especially when giving names of specific lead characters. IDIOT!) We’re going to have to look into why the slasher flick was made in 2011 and not released til now. That’s not the kiss of death the average movie-goer thinks it is–see 2012’s Cabin In The Woods, to name one– but if you’re reading this blog, you know that already. Possible minor spoiler in this review, so heads-up… the character who turns out to be the Final Girl is revealed (though that might be something genre fans figure out early on anyway), plus the movie’s press has made it no secret that a character or two turns out not to be your average victim, but take note before reading if you’re really spoiler-conscious that the review does say exactly why.


Coming up, we’ve got some more You’re Next coverage (including WELL-MARKED spoilers of our own). The only sentence that may piss you off  in this review–if you also grew up in the horror boom– is: “…with the strong original score undermined only by a brief late foray into self-consciously cheesy 1980s synth sounds.” HEY! WATCH IT THERE, HARVEY! Some of us get nostalgic when we hear 80s synth sounds in a horror soundtrack! Otherwise, enjoy the review. Plus, You’re Next does have Barbara Crampton and a ton of creative gore going for it …and by the way, did you remember to lock the door?