TV Review: ‘The Returned’ (Les Revenants), ‘Zombie Night’ – More Dead People Walking

…Yet Camille is not alone, with other resurrected folk including a young man (Pierre Perrier) whose death left his intended bride (Clotilde Hesme) at the altar; and an eerie young boy (Swann Nambotin, simply mesmerizing) who won’t speak, though strange happenings seem to follow in his wake. Also, there’s the little matter of new attacks by a long-dormant killer, suggesting he might be among the risen… Not every beat works, but after watching an hour it was hard not to stick with “The Returned” for the full ride.

-From the Variety review by Brain Lowry

We realize we’re a little late to the party for The Returned (Les Revenants) on the Sundance channel, but just in case you haven’t heard about the series, here’s your chance to read a review. It doesn’t sound like a great choice to watch when you’re depressed or experienced the death of someone you loved (or worse yet, both), but other than that, we’ve heard nothing but great things about the show. Speaking of being late to the party, this piece in Variety by Brian Lowry also reviews the first Syfy zombie movie, the cleverly titled “Zombie Night“, which somehow made us more depressed reading about than The Returned. Syfy: Please stick to ridiculous, fictional giant creatures like “Ice Spiders” or even really stupid ones like “Ghost Shark” and the now-notorious Sharknado (tagline: ” ‘NUFF SAID!”) suddenly come crashing through a wall or leaping out of nowhere to eat a character. If you’ve seen The Returned, let us know how you liked it!


A.Zombie For President – Another Entertaining New “Drop Dish” Zombie Promo From AMC

A one-issue candidate, A. Zombie’s mission is to rally zombie fans around the country who don’t have access to these networks and shows to find an alternative television provider before the highly anticipated third season premiere on October 14, 2012 of A.Zombie’s favorite show: AMC’s The Walking Dead!

Remember the “Put Zombies Back on TV” ad spot from AMC that I covered a couple of months ago? Yet another fun  “Drop Dish” zombie-themed campaign –this time with a 2012 Presidential Election theme (EEEEEK!)– has gone viral;  A. Zombie is backed by an independent zombie party endorsed by AMC Networks. Yes, if you vote for A.Zombie, his only goal is to make sure everyone in the U.S. gets the choice to watch The Walking Dead! Committed to equal viewing opportunities for all. Watch his campaign ad below. No mud-slinging (or blood-slinging) at other candidates or similar bullshit here! Just pure zombie goodness. And guess what his favorite TV show is? It ain’t Here Comes Honey BooBoo!*

A. Zombie for President: He’s dead right. You’ve been wronged. Paid for by citizens who want zombies back on DISH.  The fictional Weekly World News columnist, Ed Anger, has officially endorsed him – read the hilarious column on the WWN website here.

Here’s the full official Press Release from the official website/campaign headquarters:

A. Zombie Enters the 2012 Presidential Race

New York, NY — August 20, 2012 –The 2012 Presidential race is about to get more lively thanks to something quite dead – the news that A. Zombie, America’s first Zombie Presidential candidate, is entering the race. A formidable third party contender for the nation’s highest office, A. Zombie is slated to announce his candidacy at a high-energy rally on Monday, August 20th at Westfield Horton Plaza in San Diego.

The candidate and his human wife, Patty Morgan-Zombie, will then commence a cross-country bus tour that will take them to six major U.S. cities, including Tampa and Charlotte, where they will bring their pro-zombie message to the Republican and Democratic Conventions. “My husband is someone who has dedicated his life and his afterlife to bringing equal viewing opportunities to all Americans,” said Mrs. Zombie. “He’s the right man to lead the fight to bring zombies to everyone in America, and he won’t stop — even if it kills him, again.”

The A. Zombie for President Campaign is organized by AMC Networks, home to AMC, WE-TV, IFC and the Sundance Channel. Satellite company DISH dropped these networks earlier this year because of an unrelated lawsuit and is now in the disadvantaged position of being the nation’s only major television provider without these channels and their popular shows. A one-issue candidate, A. Zombie’s mission is to rally zombie fans around the country who don’t have access to these networks and shows to find an alternative television provider before the highly anticipated third season premiere on October 14, 2012 of A.Zombie’s favorite show, AMC’s The Walking Dead, the most watched basic cable scripted drama series among DISH subscribers, according to the Nielsen company.

For more information about the campaign, please visit:

Alas, A.Zombie did not stop anywhere in the Northwest during his various rallies, but I found a video from a recent convention appearance by the candidate and his wife, Patty Morgan-Zombie, who seems to do most of his zombie-to-human speech-translation. Not the Republican or Democratic Conventions (though the press material states he visited them– sorry I missed that coverage), but… well, you’ll see.

And the below is an actual screenshot  from A.Zombie’s official Twitter page (I swear I am not making this up) that gave me a good laugh -could NOT resist passing it on:

Hee hee! Though I don’t think A.Zombie appreciates the unsavory comparison.

They said it, not me. Do you feel especially patriotic –and anti-Dish– right now? Me too!

*A. Zombie loses his appetite watching toxic waste. Though if he paid the ‘cast’ a visit with some very, very hungry undead pals, you can bet ratings would skyrocket around the world. Hell, I’d watch it on Pay-Per-View!