In Memoriam – Ray Harryhausen

The outpouring of honest, heartfelt love and admiration continuing to flow from other writers, especially fellow fans and WordPress writers on their blogs, is surprisingly touching. Sound sappy? We don’t care. …and it helps ease the melancholy to know –even though it sounds like a cliché– this master artist’s work and vision will leave a legacy etched in stone.

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“Guys like him… they live forever.”

Battered, Tattered, Yellowed, & Creased

From the teeth of the hydra come the children of the damned:

I don’t think it’s any huge secret I grew up watching reels and reels of old-school b-movies and creature features from the ’50s and ’60s. I remember a lot of really cheesy movies best left for after dark (or MST3k), but two names in specific are evocative of my misspent youth. Godzilla. And Ray Harryhausen.

I think it was Harryhausen who gave me a lifelong interest in science fiction, fantasy, horror, the fantastic in all of its guises. (Well, along with another Ray, last name of Bradbury.) I don’t think I’d have read as many Greek classics without seeing Jason and the Argonauts for the umpteenth billion time as a kid, nor would I have a fascination with swashbuckling Middle Eastern fantasy if I hadn’t watched and re-watched the Sinbad movies every time I got the flu. I first knew of…

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In Memoriam: Ray Harryhausen

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Short but sweet; do NOT miss the “Creature List” clip reel included!

Afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution, and Science

According to the LA Times Ray Harryhausen has passed away. He will be missed.

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In Memoriam: Ray Harryhausen (1920-2013)

We realize we’ve re-posted plenty of pieces and news items about this legend today, but this is our sentimental favorite. It’s absolutely, definitely worth a read, including many heartfelt quotes from the countless film-makers he influenced.

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“He and I made a pact to grow old but never grow up — to keep the pterodactyl and the tyrannosaurus forever in our hearts.” -Ray Bradbury

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Special F/X Pioneer Ray Harryhausen Dies At 92

Be sure to check out the gallery – it rocks! Ray Harryhausen: 1920- Forever.


Ray Harryhausen: 1920-2013

We prefer the title Ray Harryhausen: 1920 – Forever. Be sure to check out the Facebook page for his foundation, as it has lots of goodies there.

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“He and I made a pact to grow old but never grow up — to keep the pterodactyl and the tyrannosaurus forever in our hearts.” –Ray Bradbury


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Movie Nation


One of the pioneers in stop motion animation and movie special effects has died. OK, you knew exactly who I was talking about just from that description.

There is but one such pioneer who has achieved fame to match (almost) his movies. Ray Harryhausen, who brought the original “Mighty Joe Young” to life, whose models and model photography jazzed up many a sword and scorcery tale  — “Jason and the Argonauts,” “Clash of the Titans” – has died. He was 92.

Learning from Hitchcock, he made his name a brand, so much so that he’s often credited with stop-motion model work in films he didn’t make. But from the late ’50s on into the ’80s, Harryhausen & Co. were the folks you called when a guy in monster makeup wouldn’t do. CGI greatly reduced the need for this sort of admittedly jerky/fake looking effect. But that was part of the…

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Ray Harryhausen, Special Effects Pioneer, Dies at 92

We’re old enough that we saw Clash of the Titans in the theater… and that the crowd loved it.

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