They’re heeere! Again!: ‘Poltergeist’ reboot to start shooting this fall

(Featured image = reactions of Horror Boom and many other 80s horror fans across the net upon reading/hearing this news item)

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…  yeah, they’re re-making Poltergeist. Ooooh goodie. OK, Ghost House Pictures is involved as a glimmer of hope, but after The Possession (2012), that’s not a guarantee of an impressive, fun horror film anymore. Read on for more details…


The Editing Room Roasts “Funny Games” (The American Re-make)


So Michael, what’s the point of running through all the major beats of a bog-standard thriller, while also trying to make it abundantly clear that this isn’t supposed to be one?


In order for us to challenge people’s expectations, silly! Let’s see, what’s next on the list of clichés…

Suddenly DEVON escapes! Despite having a brief chance to act with a modicum of intelligence, and actually subvert thriller movie convention as opposed to indulging in pretentious twaddle, he instead elects to try and HIDE in the nearest EMPTY HOUSE.

Wow, they (well, this was written by Owain B. for The Editing Room) REALLY let this ill-advised (and ill-made) remake have it. WHY did Michael Haneke feel the need to remake Funny Games? Click the big red link below to check it out for a good laugh! Oh, and if you want to read our review of the original Funny Games, you can find it here.


Funny Games: The Abridged Script | The Editing Room.


The Man Behind Nina Medieros And Mama- Javier Botet Interview (Shock Till You Drop Exclusive, 2009-[REC] and [REC]2 Spoilers)

On the second [REC 2], I had just a few scratches. I didn’t have a real hammer. When I have a real hammer, no one comes near me.

-Javier Botet, on swinging a hammer around in the dark on a movie set

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 2.30.12 AM

We’re still having trouble digging up a more recent interview with the man behind the monster mother in “Mama” and the [REC] series, so until then, Shock Till You Drop put up a great one you can check out, written by Ryan Turek.

HOWEVER! If you haven’t seen [REC] and [REC 2], you really, really should see them and then read this. There’s not a ton of spoilers for REC 2, but… oh, just see them, unless you don’t like extremely frightening movies. Either way, just avoid Quarantine  like, pardon the phrasing, the plague. We love Botet’s comments on the U.S. remake and agree 100% with everything he says– the same reasons Quarantine  pissed us off. OK, you get the idea. To read the interview, click on the big red link below…

Exclusive Interview: Rec & Rec 2’s Javier Botet –  Shock Till You Drop.


According to the interview, he was offered to reprise his role in the U.S. remake, though it would be “The Thin Infected Man” instead of “La Niña De Medieros”. The timing didn’t work out and the part went to Doug Jones instead. Talented as Jones is, no-one else could be as effective in the role …not even close. We saw Quarantine  in the theater and watched [REC]  at home on TV, in the daytime, and STILL had to open the curtains and turn the lights on halfway through. It’s not just Botet (though the movie would not be as memorable and nightmarish without him, and he’s a great, perfect show-stopper), the entire movie [REC] is fucking terrifying; by the time it roars to the end credits, you’ll probably be hugging your knees.

Enjoy the interview! The below is one of two BTS set photos we like to look at to lighten us up when we start to think about [REC] too close to bedtime…