Game of Thrones: Episode 9, Season 3 “The Rains of Castamere” Review (Spoilers. Again)

Did it really “fade to black”? It seemed like a smash-cut to me, but then again, I wasn’t exactly in a lucid, rational state of mind at the time…

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<<SPOILER ALERT: Do not read this review if you intend to watch this episode of Game of Thrones and have not yet done so.>>

In the penultimate episode of Season Two of Game of Thrones, HBO presented us with easily the best episode of that entire season, and in my opinion of either season to that point. With tonight’s episode, the penultimate one of the current, third season, they come close to doing so again. What with the resolution of two major plot lines (which, as is the nature of this story, actually open up several more possibilities), and the greater focus on fewer stories, tonight’s episode is the best of Season Three. It does not, however, quite live up to the high standards set by “Blackwater” last year.

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Queen in the North on “The Rains of Castamere” AKA Soundtrack of Pain and Suffering

A really great (and funny) piece/reaction by a fellow Fan Girl (who doesn’t have pneumonia and is thus way more coherent than Mrs. Horror Boom right now).


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Queen in the North on “The Rains of Castamere” AKA Soundtrack of Pain and Suffering
Tammy Yeban

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS (for Game of Thrones 3.09) AND FEELINGS AHEAD. You have been warned.

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Game of Thrones: I am left speechless. [SPOILER ALERT!!]

If you want more links, here they are. Haven’t checked out the Rolling Stone piece yet, but heard great things about it.



Game of Thrones just depicted one of the most disturbing death scenes in TV history…” ~ EW

“Aside from gasps of horror, shouted obscenities, and choked sobs, there aren’t really many words to describe tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones.” ~ Rolling Stone

“That was truly, truly disturbing… For about 15 minutes, the show’s writers, actors and directors transformed HBO into a bloody, unsettling horror movie.” ~ Baltimore Sun

“It was bloody Hell.” ~ NY Daily News

“The episode was a nightmare, and it played out like one, beginning with a sense of vague anxiety that turned real and inescapable.” ~ TIME Entertainment

“The most shocking scene on television in 2013 was a quick and brutal affair carried out with daggers, crossbows, and slithery, secondhand deceit.” ~ Grantland

“I can’t decide if I envy or pity those of you who didn’t know what was coming in this episode.”…

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