Name That Horror Frame – Week of 11-12-2012 – Special Hitchcock Edition!

The Hitchcock   theatrical biopic that focuses on the making of Psycho  comes out sooner rather than later this month! It has to be better than HBO’s The Girl. It  was well made and well-acted, it was just very, very unpleasant to watch. See you next year, sex drive! I understand why you need to go away until Parker  comes out in January. Poor Tippi Hendren (and poor Alma Reville, though in at least one scene, they have separate beds).  That’s how I picked the theme for this week.

OK, These shouldn’t be too hard,; even if you haven’t seen a bunch of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, I tried to find some fairly iconic images. All these DVDs I want to give away (last week’s update of the contest/giveaway rules can be found here). Oh, and in that previous posting, I pretty much spilled the name of one Thai horror anthology that I did another special edition of— they’re all from the same movie. Go back and look if you want, it’s pretty obvious, then put your answer in the “reply/comment” section.

And away we go…

I heard that scene was a NIGHTMARE to shoot …for the leading lady, that is.

Same leading lady, also no picnic for her to shoot…

and finally… this should ring a bell!

Welp, that’s all for this week’s contest. Put your answers below. Don’t everyone go wildly posting at once, though! 😉

Alfred Hitchcock's star on the Hollywood Walk ...

Name That Horror Frame Contest – Week of 10/7/12 – Special Thai Horror Edition

OK, trying a little something new here to see what happens. These aren’t just from a Thai horror movie. They aren’t just from a Thai supernatural  horror movie. They are all actually from the same  Thai supernatural horror movie!

I don’t even know if I should give you more hints than that.  This one is hard to find to rent; I had to watch it online (though if I can find a region 1/PAL version, I’ll probably just buy it). If you’ve seen it, though, you’ll know the answer, and I’m all for giving out a horror DVD to anyone who has also seen this excellent, frightening, fun Thai horror movie.

OK, you know you shouldn’t have hitched a ride in this truck to Bangkok (actually, that sounds like a terrible idea in the first place–I’d take my chances sitting on the roof of the vehicle) when the contents turn out to be anything like the below–

Second up, any sort of explanation for the below frame would take up way too much space. That’s blood, by the way. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of a horror movie from Thailand that had used CGI use so well and discreetly that it wasn’t slightly distracting, and I’m coming up with zero. And I’ve not only seen an extensive amount of Thai horror movies, I’ve seen every one I heard was good (or at least had one really good scare in it) and could get my hands on.

and finally, I’m sure this next one will look familiar if you’ve seen more than two horror movies from Thailand with ghosts in them. But if you recognize the above panels and FACE! YOUR! FEARS! (hint hint), you’ll know how it fits in:

That’s it for this week. If you don’t know what movies these are from and just REALLY want to see them, contact me and I’ll tell you. By the way, the  theatrical trailer for the movie all these frames are from hasn’t been posted yet, but I have it in my “Ten MORE Trailers to Keep You Awake” list, so you’ll know the movie in a month or so, regardless.

Any guesses?

Thai Language Camp Petchabon province

This photo is NOT from a Thai horror movie, I just thought I should show something beautiful from Thailand as well as all the horrifying Thai ghosts! This is a photo from Thai Language Camp, Petchabon province (Photo credit: Daffydus)

Name That (Horror) Frame – Week of 9/30/12 – Creepy Little Kids Edition



Wow, I don’t think I’ll ever have a problem coming up with new ‘themes of the week’ for this contest. Yes, this week, it’s that horror fan favorite …creepy little kids!  I had NO problem finding three of these. First up…

There was certainly no shortage of creepy kids (and creepy toys) in the above movie.

Second up, if you don’t recognize this next one, SHAME ON YOU! You call yourself a horror movie fan?

EEEEEK! And finally, if you recognized the first image, then this third one should look familiar to you…

That’s it for this week- we’ve got a LOT of new movies to watch this month! There goes my budget…


Name That (Horror) Frame Contest- Week of 9/3/2012


OK, it’s that time of week again! I’m still not getting any guesses, but I’m gonna keep plugging away. They’re fun to post and hey, I should maybe get in a couple more watches of the Director’s Cut of The Descent, and the commentary for Cabin Fever 2. Oh, and the UNRATED Hatchet! 

And a-one, and a-two, and-a…

This first one is pretty obvious, but it’s also dark. I figured that would level the playing field a little.

No goddamn way I'm going in the water...

Then we have this, from a recently-released on DVD film that I featured the trailer for…

Nothin' like a Mexican Standoff.

And finally,  a scary movie out of Thailand goes meta:

Extra points for naming the segment of this omnibus from Thailand.

Because it still works (when done by the director of this movie, that’s for sure)?

And that’s it for this week! Sometimes if you hover your cursor over the image, you’ll get alternate text, and maybe even a big hint. Meanwhile, the pile of prizes keeps growing…

-Mrs. Horror Boom