More “Stoker” Coolness! We LOVE Horror Marketing Going Above & Beyond With Awesome, Creative Promos – Must See!

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We first decided our dream job (on up there in the top five) would be getting to work for/with Dread Central and getting things like THIS in the mail back in 2011 when DC posted a series on the “American Horror Story Artifacts” they were receiving in the mail (for S1). These artifacts, which Dread Central carefully documented with a series of still photos, descriptions, and the story behind these packages sent to them with no return address info other than “The Murder House”. One was an ice-skate, splattered with dried blood and a clump of red matter on the blade of the skate…  matted with hair. Another was a stuffed rabbit. Nothing cuddly, though, something that looked like it came from a deranged taxidermist (or a doctor from the 1920s with a ‘Frankenstein complex‘ who had been driven mad by his addiction to ether).  This was s stuffed, mounted monstrosity with tanned/cured blood-red hide, no hair, buck teeth that looked more like those of a small shark’s,  and disturbingly over-sized, bloodshot eyeballs. This writer–who is working on a piece* about that showstopper of an advertising campaign– would not display it in any room she planned on sleeping in.

We also have yet to see a shitty movie (ParaNorman and District 9 are a couple of excellent examples on going above and beyond to promote something they created)* that took such care and cleverness and craftsmanship sending out really cool boxes (usually mysterious at first) containing items, art, and ‘artifacts’.

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So, what does our above  jibba-jabba have to do with this? Turns out Stoker  (unleashed released on March 1, 2013) has also been doing creative promotion! Here’s an (updated) article from Dread Central about exactly what showed up in their mail to promote their movie. Click on the big red link below to read all about it–and even try to figure out why and how the PR/marketing team for Stoker  picked this specific item!

UPDATED: What’s in the Box?!? Mystery and Intrigue Arrive at Dread Central! | Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews, News, Interviews at Dread Central.


Your guess is sure as hell as good as ours! Man, what we wouldn’t give to work in an office that receives and gets to open packages like this. Hell, we’d fucking volunteer  to work our butts off there for free if they were located anywhere near us…

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*which, now that we think of it,  are also separate pieces we’ll do a short series on …or a longer series if we find there’s even more genre movies, TV shows and events that use such imaginative marketing than we thought out there (cross your fingers).

Got A Burning Question About American Horror Story Asylum? Ask Mrs. Horror Boom Here!

So, when we do our stats/analytics, I see a lot of search terms that bug me. Not because they’re lame questions, or lazy, or anything like that. I just want to blurt out the answer, since I’m extremely well-informed about American Horror Story (Season One, AKA “Murder House”, and Asylum, the current season. I was going to take every single question (OK, maybe just 20 or so) and answer them all in one post, but why don’t we try this first…  I will also give up spoilers; sometimes I don’t always feel like it’s cool to toss them up on Horror Boom. You should have heard me last Saturday at a large Holiday Bash, one person started asking me about what happened to Shelley after “I Am Anne Frank – Part Two” and despite the amount of drinks in me, I was able to be very articulate, and in fact go into lengthy, vivid, and surprisingly accurate detail. A couple of friends turned out to watch the show, and at some point after the bands were finished but before “Last Call”, people were actually coming up to me to talk/speculate about it, some wanted spoilers, some wanted hints. For some reason, telling anyone anything spoiler-ish who asked me to was really fun.

I could still just put up a FAQ like I first thought, but here’s an idea to try first.

Your question gets sent to us via email. We don’t always have time to check Horror Boom’s G-mail account every day, so allow some time for a response – though if we get a lot of these, we will start checking more frequently.

Nope, I do NOT mind waiting for the fresh popcorn.

Nope, I do NOT mind waiting several minutes for the fresh batch of popcorn. Really, no hurry at all…