While We Work On Reviewing/Recapping Episode 10 of American Horror Story Asylum, “The Name Game”, Read Our Insane, NSFW Notes For Comic Relief (Spoilers!)

That… just… fucking …wow. We here at Horror Boom were so stunned (mostly by finding out the real reason the writers had Sister Jude refer to that spiral staircase in the main lobby of Briarcliff  as “The Staircase to Heaven)” while taking notes on The Name Game (Episode 10, aired January 2nd at 10:00 PM on FX), that they didn’t come out looking too organized.  Usually we’ll start by getting out our comically thick notebook and writing down the title of the episode, then under that, a list of 1-10 “Things We Learned” to fill in. This time it came out looking like the things Mrs. Horror Boom kept loudly telling the TV. Well, it was a toss-up whether I spent more of my time watching Episode Ten with A. my jaw agape (not unlike our cats do when they see a jumbo-sized bird out on the deck and just sit there indoors, ten feet away, wide-eyed and frozen like statues,  so dazzled they keep  forgetting to close their mouths) or B. exclaiming profanities loudly enough everyone in the house can hear.

So since that episode was just the slightest bit dark (other than the choreographed go-go dance and song number to, gee, what was the song again …The Name Game, which was hilarious and sure kept things interesting) with what, two BIG character deaths and something like five Raspers  executed suddenly but efficiently by Dr. Nazi, we could use a giggle. So we took photos of my four pages of notes, and you may notice that my composure slipped just the tiniest bit…

Here’s #1 still starting out by taking notes i s traditional manner:

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 5.40.15 AM

then it escalates FAST. P2 of notes:


Then I seriously forgot I was supposed to take notes, but did it on autopilot or something…


“Oh no oh no oh no” = Thredson pulling the reel, wrapped in a blanket, from the secret hiding space, “oh YES!” = “I don’t want to ruin it for you, but Spot jumps.”

and finally, when Dr.Nazi says goodbye and closes the door behind them…

How I managed to cheer and write at the same time, I still have no idea!

How I managed to cheer and write at the same time, I still have no idea!