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To’hajiilee to Felina: What the remaining Breaking Bad episode titles tell us

Yep, it’s another Breaking Bad “Re-Press”, and it’s a good one. Potential Spoilers!


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For those of you wondering about the finale title, “Felina”, you can use this link to You Tube to take a look/listen at a full-length version of the Marty Robbins song, “El Paso”… certain lyrics will probably give you some ideas (possible spoiler alert – we had to stop listening because it started to fit too well). In other words, the best course of action would be to tread lightly.



If Breaking Bad season two’s ‘Seven Thirty-Seven’, ‘Down’, ‘Over’ and ‘ABQ’ are anything to go by, episode titles can be important indicators of what is to come in the show. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the remaining instalments in season 5 (Potential spoilers throughout).

S05E11 – ‘Confessions’

With tenth episode ‘Buried’ ending with Hank preparing to interrogate a dejected Jesse, the confession this title is referring to seems to be fairly clear – backed up by one of the final shots seeing Schrader behind a crossed grill, just like a priest in a confessional booth.

The plurality of the title suggests Jesse may not be the only one unburdening however. In Hank’s previous scene he set up an impromptu meeting with DEA head Ramey, implying his impending confession to his colleagues that his brother-in-law is the man he’s been hunting the past year. Such a development…

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