The Editing Room Finally Takes On “Mama” – Read The Hilarious Abridged Script Now!


I love you Jessica.


Ohhhhh. Shit. You’re probably going to piss off Mama.

She DOES. MAMA pops around the house SCARING THE SHIT out of EVERYONE and briefly sucks the life out of JESSICA. JANE shows up at the house. It’s a VERY bad time.

Mama: The Abridged Script / The Editing Room.


This is especially good to read if you’ve made the mistake of reading about or watching a few too many Mama (2013) clips after dark and are kicking yourself because suddenly you’re not as sleepy as you were. Would have saved us some sleepless nights (just from watching the goddamned three+ minute short alone) if we’d gotten it sooner, but looks like writer Nicole wanted to wait till the DVD/Blu-ray came out. Click the big red link up top to check it out!

Happy Mother’s Day From Horror Boom! Watch This Tribute Which Will Of Course Not Scare You At All!

Really, such a touching tribute to mama mothers all over the planet. What’s that you asked?  Oh, of COURSE, it’s perfectly safe to watch with the sound cranked up all the way and the lights off!  Maybe you should watch it, though, just to be safe, before you send a link to any of the people you usually send Mother’s Day cards to. Never hurts to double-check.

On second thought, your mom might not appreciate it. Happy Mama‘s Day!


From the Thai horror anthology “Die A Violent Death” (hint: this story does not end well for anyone involved)