Film Review: ‘Riddick’

From the Variety review (they loved it):

That sets the stage for what is effectively a sleeker, more accomplished, but no less enjoyable “Pitch Black” remake, with rain substituted for darkness, and Riddick and his would-be captors once again forced to work together — or at least pretend to — if they want to make it off  ‘Not Furya’ alive. And if nothing in “Riddick” ever quite tops that opening act, when it seems as though the entire movie might be a solo Diesel performance piece, even at its most conventional this is a solid, unpretentious B-movie entertainment of the sort John Carpenter was regularly turning out in the 1980s and ‘90s, populated by the kind of snub-nosed men (and women) of action favored by Carpenter’s own professed idol: Howard Hawks. To wit, Riddick nearly meets his match here in the form of Johns’ second-in-command, the steely, ass-kicking Dahl (“Battlestar Galactica” star Katee Sackhoff), who succinctly summarizes her character in two lines of dialogue: “I don’t fuck guys. Occasionally, I fuck them up if they need it.”

So… we’re pretty much in from that paragraph alone. How about you guys?


Michelle Rodriguez, Maggie Q join EW’s ‘Women Who Kick Ass’ Comic-Con panel

From this great EW piece: “One of Rodriguez’s costars challenged the script that called for her to drive a car off a cliff.

Rodriguez : “He was like, ‘A girl’s not gonna drive the car.’ I’m like, what, are you stupid? I’m looking at this cat like, do you want to race me, homie?” I’m betting that cat backed off pretty fast.
If they’d added Zoe Bell, it would have been cool. Gina Carano would have been pretty great, too. If they’d added Pam Grier, though, that might just have tipped me over to attending this year (or at least seriously looking into it). But with Ms. Rodriguez (who I have personally and shamelessly worshiped since seeing “Girlfight” back in the day), plus Ms. Sackhoff, and Ms. Guira…the ‘Women Who Kick Ass’ panel, the (last ever, sniffle) Breaking Bad panel, and the Godzilla Encounter make me regret my decision to not even try to attend due to monetary issues (AKA being WAY too broke to even consider it).