Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, and John Landis to guest-star on horror director Adam Green’s new sitcom ‘Holliston’ — EXCLUSIVE IMAGE

Yes, we realize this is news that’s getting to you just a liiittttle too late, say over a year, but better late when never – especially when Adam Green, Kane Hodder, and Tony Todd –are all showing up on the same project.


‘Hatchet III’ EW exclusive: Check out the horror sequel’s new trailer — GRUESOME: ADULT CONTENT AND NSFW

OH HELL YEAH! Gonna miss Tony Todd… but maybe he could have a twin brother too? Look for a gallery of screencaps that flash by WAY too fast in this trailer, coming soon!


Horror Movie Legend Kane Hodder Talks About His 2011 Autobiography, ‘Unmasked’ – Also, Don’t Miss The Gruesome, Awesome “Trailer” For The Book Here!

This is just… well,  a couple years late, but we love this guy. Better late than never! Don’t miss watching the great, gory ad spot for the book (included with the interview). It includes a compilation of ‘blurbs’ from everyone from Tony Todd to Bruce Campbell on the genius of Kane Hodder and his iconic characters, along with a montage of some REALLY nasty,  iconic scenes and kills (including the grisly Hatchet jaw rip (well, the lower jaw stays; it’s the head on up that goes).