‘Breaking Bad’ flash-forward: We imagine everyone’s life 10 years from now


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‘Breaking Bad’: On the set for the final scene — EXCLUSIVE

If you’re a fan, we highly recommend this EW.com piece – . All we can say for now is… SIGH. Also, some trivia about the finale will be coming -hopefully at least a couple of facts will be something you haven’t heard before – including a really gory effect that Vince Gilligan envisioned for the final shoot-out.  Greg Nicotero even came up with sketches and concept art, but it was so grisly that Gilligan finally decided it’d be distracting from the final scene with Walt and Jesse.


‘Breaking Bad’ stars reveal the scenes they always wanted to shoot




‘Breaking Bad’ stars reveal which props they kept (or stole)

Be sure to check out the link for the ScreenBid Breaking Bad auction items. Yep, you can have a creepy pink burned bear (there must be more than one, since Aaron Paul says he was getting the main one), or Hector “Tio” Salamanca’s (AKA ‘Uncle Ring-a-Ding’) bell. On that last item, the bidding starts at $3500.00.  Wonder what the starting bid on Walter White’s Aztec is? Read on!


‘Breaking Bad’ writer talks last night’s episode, ‘Granite State’, and what it is that Walt has become

We hope Todd dies the worst death ever on the history of the show. Maybe Jesse and Walt can put him in a huge barrel and pour the sulfuric acid over him while he’s still alive.  Shit, we’re just in denial that after Sunday, the show is going to be over – Sunday nights will never be the same.   By the way (they don’t mention it here), Bryan Cranston spent 90 minutes having prosthetics applied to his face for the post-time jump scenes (to make him look terrible and on his last legs) – we didn’t even notice.


Aaron Paul spoils the ending of ‘Breaking Bad’ — PHOTO

Well, I’m glad they worked out all their differences after all! Don’t worry, no real spoilers, but you gotta see this photo…


To’hajiilee to Felina: What the remaining Breaking Bad episode titles tell us

Yep, it’s another Breaking Bad “Re-Press”, and it’s a good one. Potential Spoilers!


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For those of you wondering about the finale title, “Felina”, you can use this link to You Tube to take a look/listen at a full-length version of the Marty Robbins song, “El Paso”… certain lyrics will probably give you some ideas (possible spoiler alert – we had to stop listening because it started to fit too well). In other words, the best course of action would be to tread lightly.