Red Band Trailer of the Week – “Maniac” Remake (2012) Doesn’t Screw Around

I still remember watching William Lustig‘s original Maniac  (1980) …on a VHS tape rental in my bedroom in high school; I had lugged the TV set and VCR in there because I was stuck in bed nursing a flu at the time.

I’m pretty sure Maniac  (along with a few other serial-killer horror movies; I saw Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer  at SIFF in 1990 and purchased my first purse-sized canister of pepper spray shortly after) was a big part of the reason I took the first “Self-Defense for Women” class I could find (and the second, and the third, and the…) and developed habits that I keep to this day, like always having my car keys in my hand by the time I left a building to walk through the parking lot to my car, even if it’s only ten yards away. Also probably among the reasons why, after dark, I keep them in my hand, with the self-defense trick of holding them in your fist with the pointy end of the keys jammed between my fingers and pointing out, so you have a better chance of breaking your attacker’s skin, or putting out an eye, if you need to strike out to defend yourself.

Frank Zito’s victims get themselves some payback in the fucking blood-curdling, nightmarish finale of the original Maniac (1980).

Here’s the HD red band trailer for the Maniac (2012)  remake – there’s a separate piece coming on why I’m actually optimistic about the chances of it being successful. Don’t expect to see the titular character Frank Zito even remotely resembling Joe Spinell, though!

*I didn’t actually SEE it in 1980 (that’d be a great movie for a girl still  in elementary school to watch, scarred for life? Check!), I think it was 1984.  My mom would buy me a Fangoria–and even Famous Monsters Magazine– in 1981, though.  Towards the end of the run of Famous Monsters of Filmland, I had a subscription. I wish I’d held onto it!


Name That (Horror) Frame – Week of 9/30/12 – Creepy Little Kids Edition



Wow, I don’t think I’ll ever have a problem coming up with new ‘themes of the week’ for this contest. Yes, this week, it’s that horror fan favorite …creepy little kids!  I had NO problem finding three of these. First up…

There was certainly no shortage of creepy kids (and creepy toys) in the above movie.

Second up, if you don’t recognize this next one, SHAME ON YOU! You call yourself a horror movie fan?

EEEEEK! And finally, if you recognized the first image, then this third one should look familiar to you…

That’s it for this week- we’ve got a LOT of new movies to watch this month! There goes my budget…


July 2012 Site Updates and News

So, I made some changes recently (more are on the way,  expect another July 2012 update soon). Some of them were actually successful!

First, I coughed up a little extra money for a URL change and a customization option. Both have already been worth it. The main changes you’ll see are…

  • A simpler theme–See that header with all the names, titles, and references? Those are some of my happiest 80s horror boom memories, and ones that I’m still very passionate about. I plan to explain/justify/reference every item listed by the end of the year-some will be complete blog entries, some shorter.. Yeah yeah, I know, best way to make God laugh is to announce your plans, but I did meet my goal of writing at least 25 solid posts I was proud of (a little) before I bothered doing any kind of promotion or sharing the blog URL to more than three people.
  • Also, as part of my ‘less is more’ advice*  I changed the sidebar. Instead of listing all the categories and subcategories (over thirty of them as of this writing) in a big-ass row at the top of the sidebar, I caved and replaced it with a drop-down menu of categories.
  • I did add a ‘category cloud’ feature at the page footer. The cloud just looks cool to me. For some reason I get nervous when the categories aren’t straight-up listed. So please use the drop-down menu for categories, by all means, because it was loved making sure I hit them all and added some fun ones like, “Here Go Hell Come”, “That …just …no.” and “It’s Just So Wrong” (no explanation necessary, though I took it from an interview w/Michael Chiklis and Shawn Ryan talking about choosing the title for the much-missed, much kick-ass crime series The Shield and Chiklis said  more than once that the tagline for the whole series should be the aforementioned phrase – The Shield: It’s Just So Wrong.
  • The “Search This Site” option is now right up by the header that I kinda bragged about earlier in the post.
  • I recently started a Twitter Account for Horror Boom (#HorrorBoom) , and I have the most recent tweets) on the sidebar.
  • Sooo, if anyone digs Twitter, I’d dig it if you’d “Follow Me” (here’s an extra button for that, though it’s w/the updates/sidebar too). I almost never sent out for than one a day, so you wouldn’t have to deal w/a dozen updates in a day. I do try to be discerning and only pass on stuff I think people would like news on (like American Horror Story S2 casting, or a link to the really twisted new batch of Crossed cover art). Also, I warn you if it’s going to be “NSFW” (since I have to keep the word count down and get creative condensing it) or unusually graphic.
  • For fun, I added some polls to posts. OK, two of them, but still, plus more are coming.
  • I started using the “featured image” option. In late 2010 I bought royalty-free image package from Shutterstock and then forgot about it till I saw it on a recent credit card bill). No refunds, so I used it. Hope you dig them…
  • That’s it for now–happy July! Damn, did it ever get here quick.

-Mrs. Horror Boom

*mainly from my husband …who should certainly know since he has over twenty years under his belt working (very successfully)–as a Mac operator (starting back when they called it “desktop publishing’) doing expert graphic design, pre-press formatting, and creating and polishing up documents– among other things– that it’d take me at least a year of studying to learn how to do myself