Chills to Beat Summer Heat, Part 5 – Ok-su Station Ghost (Bong-Cheon-Dong Ghost Prequel)

So, this is the last “Chills to Beat the Summer Heat” installment of the year. Though I have a ton of other scary shit to show and tell you about, Fall  is coming in less than two weeks –SIGH. For everyone out there who wondered if there was another Korean web comic by Studio Horang, the creator of the notoriously frightening Bong-Cheon-Dong Ghost web comic that scares the living shit bejeezus out of everyone, wonder no more!

OK, if there’s anything to be learned from Studio Horang’s horror web comics, it’s that if you see a strangely-moving, out-of-place female figure anywhere near you, SPRINT the fuck away in the opposite direction and don’t stop till you’re home.

If  you were too scared to read the Bong-Cheon-Dong Ghost web comic I posted earlier this summer, maybe you could check this one out. Oh, it’s scary, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just a notch less hit-the-ceiling scary than the Bong-Cheon-Dong Ghost. Of course, for full effect, make sure the volume is on and watch in a dark room …alone.

…things in common with the other comic?. Strangely-moving figures that aren’t supposed to be somewhere… a sense of wrongness that becomes more and more pervasive… and a back-story revealed as an epilogue that will make the comic seem twice as chilling in perspective (do read those epilogues, by that point nothing else is going to swoop out at you, promise).

To the best of my understanding, this (as the site puts it) “special horror episode for the summer season” actually came before the BCD ghost story. That one was a sequel, which makes sense as it’s a complete show-stopper. You create something that scary (at some point I’ll put up one of the many, many “reaction videos” on You Tube, almost all of them documenting grown men screaming like schoolgirls when the big seat-jumper comes) then unless you can top it –doubtful– you just take a bow and step back gracefully.  This one is a different story, but since Studio Horang only created two of these, I think this one qualifies as a prequel. It’s got things in common with the other comic. Strangely-moving figures that aren’t supposed to be somewhere… a sense of wrongness that becomes more and more pervasive… and a back-story revealed as an epilogue that will make the comic seem twice as chilling in perspective (do read those epilogues, by that point nothing else is going to swoop out at you, promise). So…

Click here to read the Ok-Su Station Ghost Korean Web comic (English translation)
Try clicking here to read if you have trouble with the above URL; this link will take you to a deviantART ‘exit page’, then there’ll be a warning you are leaving deviantART (“Out There Be Monsters”-so of course you gotta click THAT option) with an outgoing link to click for the comic.**

While I haven’t been able to find anything else by the artist, and believe me, I’ve been looking, you can check out Studio Horang’s Facebook page here. Unfortunately, it’s in Korean, but if I find an English translation or any other official documentation, I promise to come back and post an update! Also, click here for an article on how South Koreans also beat summer heat with scares.

Until then …don’t talk to strangers, especially in Seoul.

**Note: if you STILL aren’t getting any links to the Ok-su Station Ghost story, drop me a comment below and I’ll try to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. You can also find my email address at the bottom of the “About” page on Horror Boom.

09/12/12: ooooooOOOOOO! Red Alert! BREAKING NEWS, updated 09/12/12! I’m 90% sure I discovered (OK, “stumbled blindly into” would be more accurate) a recent, ALL-NEW horror web comic by, you guessed it, Studio Horang! I’m looking thoroughly into it to find an English version, but if I can’t find one in the next week, I’ll post the Korean version, with links to help you translate. If it’s anything like the others, you’ll be too busy trying not to soil yourself to go to look up the text on a Korean–> English dictionary site. So check back! Ole Mrs. Horror Boom here will keep you covered on this development. Promise!
Keep your fingers crossed…

Chills to Beat Summer Heat, Part Three: Bongcheon-Dong

OK, I checked this out last week after a recommendation. It was way too hot for me inside, and actually just as baking-hot outdoors.  I didn’t notice the heat for at least ten minutes after I read this web-comic ghost story, written and illustrated by Horang.

The comic made the rounds in Korean first, and I’m pretty sure it was still scary as hell that way, it’s much more effective being able to know the actual story–much, MUCH creepier. If I say too much –well, just go in clean. That is, if you’re feeling brave. You’ll find the link (very clearly labelled by me, so no-one accidentally clicks on it) below…

A screen shot from the South Korean web comic Bong-Cheon-Dong. A shadow stretching towards her, out of the blue, on what was a deserted walkway. Creepy enough for you? It gets better!

Watch it with either headphones on and the sound turned medium-to-loud, or (like I did) with the volume setting on my laptop medium-to-loud. And no, this isn’t one of those cheap “scary maze game”  or “if you look closely enough at this photo for at least 30 second, you may be one of the people who sees the suggestion of a ghost” jumps. Yeah, those work the first time; anyone can make someone jump with a loud blast of noise and a representation of Samara Morgan suddenly appearing while you’re focusing on something else*. Real artists earn their scares, and this is one of them. After you click the link below, scroll down as you read the web-comic, get into the unsettling (at best) story, and let it wash over you… and see what happens.

Click here to read the Creepy-Ass Boncheon-Dong South Korean Ghost Story.


If you’re prone to panic attacks or anxiety, I’ve officially (if sort of retroactively) warned you about watching/reading after dark! Seriously, I don’t want anyone to start hyperventilating and pass out like Tony Soprano used to. OK, it’d probably take a lot of other scary things going on in your life to cause you to collapse to the floor in a dead faint, but still. I don’t even want to think how it would have affected my mood and insomnia if I hadn’t been mentally healthy and feeling fairly cool, calm, and collected when I read it! Keep the sound on, turn the lights down, and check out Boncheon-Dong. After people have had a chance to read it, I’ll go into the background. I actually want to find more from this comic series, because (unsurprisingly) the artists/writers know how to scare the living shit out of everyone …with finesse, might I add.

Let me know when you’ve read it…  and pleasant dreams! Did I mention this is an urban legend, but supposedly based on a true story? I’m a little hesitant to look into the background, even though I know it’s probably just an urban legend, because I may find more information than I need.

Update, 8/19/12: Showed this to my husband last night (yep, after dark), with the volume cranked, and as he was casually scrolling through, realized I was doing my Pilates/yoga breathing, a technique I learned not just to do doing a workout, but to calm down if I can feel myself starting to get jumpy or see red. Guess my body was ahead of my brain. This is a man who saw Insidious with me in the theater and barely changed his facial expression while at least half of the audience screamed in panic at over half a dozen BIG jump scares. If he did flinch, it was due to the fact he was sitting inches away from the loudest scream queen in the theater (me). Bongcheon-Dong made us both jump twice (and I knew what was coming) and prompted him to comment on the freakiness after the first jump and swear loudly the second. In fact, I had to nudge him a little to get him to finish reading the entire story.  So yeah, that’s his endorsement …and shortly after we finished and he fell asleep, I left more comfortable after I turned the fan down from the “High” to “Low” setting.

*By the way, have you seen (among the ton of ‘Funny Reaction to Scary Maze, Lol!’ videos on You Tube), the ones where they trick a kid clearly so young they were probably in Kindergarten at the time into watching it? And it’s usually one of the parents that gets the clever idea not only to scare their small child but RECORD it for laughs? I have a rule of thumb not to judge others on their parenting skills since it’s none of my business, but what the fuck is wrong with them? You deliberately frightened your kid to the point of tears? You think that’s a good idea? Really? If I put links up to any reaction videos to Bongcheon-Dong, it’s going to be of grown men (and there’s no shortage of those) who filmed themselves reading it. Now THAT is some funny shit.