Eli Roth returns with The Green Inferno; check out some new stills!

Check THIS out! Ohhh, there is NO WAY this is going to end well for the students traveling to the jungle in an Italian cannibal flick. Another selling point: since Eli Roth is an animal rights supporter, there won’t be a bunch of actual animal killings (We don’t even want to see fake ones) like the movies Green Inferno was inspired by (Cannibal Holocaust, Make Them Die Slowly). Those sick fucks. Nope, looks like it’ll just be the characters in this one.



With TIFF just around the corner, Eli Roth is currently gearing up for his cannibal tale The Green Inferno to have its world premiere at the festival. Roth hasn’t directed a feature film since 2007’s Hostel: Part II so to say the horror genre has missed his talents would be a huge understatement. As a big fan of Roth’s films, I really can’t wait to see what he has in store for us — especially when it’s a film directly inspired by one of the nastiest pieces of cinema — Cannibal Holocaust.

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Eli Roth On Hemlock Grove’s Werewolf Transformation, Italian Horror Connection, and Mainstream Gore (Shock Till You Drop)

 I thought about the average viewers that have watched Twilight and seen the transformation of a shirtless guy walking by a tree and transforms.  Our idea of a transformation is Rick Baker and Rob Bottin.  So, we’ve got to do something modern that’s in the classic tradition.  It has to be a violent birth, I want it to eat its placenta after and Deran was into it.  It should shake off all of the blood and goo.  And that’s how we approached all of the kill scenes.

Eli Roth, on his vision for Hemlock Grove‘s werewolf transformations

Ryan Turek does a great interview (as usual) here with Eli Roth, as quoted above. We fucking agree!*   Yeah, that’s exactly what werewolf transformation scenes should look like. Click on the big red link below to read the Shock Till You Drop WonderCon interview with Roth, and get a little info on the Green Inferno cannibal flick!

WonderCon Interview: Eli Roth On Hemlock Grove’s Werewolf Transformation, Italian Horror Connection & Mainstream Gore / Shock Till You Drop.

Make up artist Rick Baker (middle) at the 2011...

Make up artist Rick Baker (middle) at the 2011 Saturn Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*OK, so personally, Mrs. HB isn’t going to complain about Joe Manganiello on “True Blood stripping off his clothing until he’s just wearing a ‘modesty sock’, then quickly morphing into an actual wolf, but that’s because GOOD LORD what a fine, fine hunk of a man. OK, uh, anyway, that’s an exception for personal reasons…