TV Review: ‘Dexter’ Finale’s Sloppy Sendoff

Oooookay, we’re going to make this the last piece about the Dexter series finale (since we do our best not to stew in negativity here). Well, we can’t promise it’ll be the last, but we’ll stick to next-to-last for sure…


Watch The First Season 8 Dexter Clip Plus ‘Dexter’ Scoop From Showtime Officially Confirms Final Season


Good clip –  be sure to check it out. Sigh. This is what you did to your beautiful, strong, smart, and loyal sister, Dex. Nice going. Could Deb be developing a drug problem? Not talking about her Xanax prescription, either; with Xanax and a beer, she’d be much less nervous and pissed off at Dexter. She’s twitchy, scratching and mumbling… at this point we hope she ends up killing the shit out of him. But that’s just us.

Dexter (TV series)


Dexter Showrunner On The Season Seven Finale And The Final Season – “A serial killer story can only end so many ways, and none of them are particularly happy.” (Spoilers Galore)

We were hoping to post this (Word Press “reblog” style) Sunday or Monday after the show, but when there wasn’t anything up by Monday morning, we figured they weren’t covering Dexter (because they’d just gotten sick of it during S6, for which we can’t blame them). Wish this finale had been as good as the strong start they gave this season. However, the fact that they titled this episode:

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 10.11.31 PM

…was so cool that we bumped our grade up on that alone: a generous B- to the seventh season finale. That ending was more of a heart-breaker to us than the end of S4, which was pretty sad. But seeing Doakes again, even though most of the flashbacks were sloppily written and even out of character, was pretty cool! The featured image is a really cool billboard (from an anonymous poster who took a photo of it) for the finale. Oh, why not, here it is again!

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 10.07.43 PM



We try to keep vibes fairly positive here on Horror Boom; the internet seems to be dangerously close to becoming a 24/7 hate jamboree these days.  So rather than burn the finale to the ground here and now, we’ll just give you this link to a review of Surprise, Motherfucker on The Onion AV Club. It’s a skillfully written and intelligent –yet brutally honest– review (better than stressed-out Mrs. Horror Boom could write at the moment), and it points out what went wrong. If you’ve got time to kill, the replies on any AV Club review are hilarious– probably because many times, staffers of The Onion will show up and post.

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