Watch: First Trailer for David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps to the Stars’

OK, this isn’t a horror movie so much as a dramatic thriller, but David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars has a post-production trailer that looks interesting. Also, the Hollywood family portrayed in the thriller looks pretty fucked-up. If you saw Chan-Wook Park’s Stoker, you know Mia Wasikowska can play one creepy, deadly, and awesome daughter. Click “View original” in the lower left to watch the trailer on!

Rhino Horror Review: Contracted slowly rots away, one tooth at a time

Horror Boom would like to agree 100% with this assessment of Contracted (though Ryan of Rhino’s Horror was a little kinder than I was; click on the “Read More” link for his well put-together review and thoughts). Yesterday I attached my review of the movie to the re-blog; unfortunately I was on over-the-counter cold remedy since I “contracted” a flu virus myself a couple of days ago (obviously, it wasn’t anywhere close to what happens to the lead character in the movie and I sure as hell didn’t contract it the same way as she did). So when I wrote it I felt a little …swimmy (if this sounds like I was having any fun at all with the side-effects, trust me, I wasn’t).  I wasn’t exactly on my A-game, the formatting and grammar was shitty, so I took it down and will polish my review of Contracted and re-post soon. Meantime,  check out the Rhino Horror review (spoilers in the comments section …though trust me, the movie’s already spoiled fairly rotten, so what the hell, up to you).


There’s something about watching the human body slowly transform into unspeakable terror that will always find a way under my skin, and director Eric England delivers just that in his body horror feature Contracted. There are a few moments in the film that make this one a solid enough entry in the body horror genre, but its story and the questionable decisions made by its characters turn this one away from what could have been something great. It centers around a young girl who has a one-night stand with a stranger and contracts what she thinks is a sexually transmitted disease—but it is actually something far worse. As things begin to crumble around her, she is sent on a disturbing journey.

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‘A Field In England,’ ‘Witching & Bitching,’ and organ trafficking doc to screen at Fantastic Fest

Here’s some notable and recent additions to Fantastic Fest 2013.  We weren’t sure we could describe A Field In England (by the director of Kill List and Sightseers,Ben Wheatley) as horror (or even what sub-category under our ‘Cross-Genre’ category to put it under, we settled for a few); watch the trailer and you’ll see what we mean. The poster art is pretty damn cool though, we’ll give it that. Of all three, the David Cronenberg -narrated documentary Tales From the Organ Trade should be the most horrifying and disturbing …and we’re pretty sure we’re not alone in our opinion.  Alex de la Iglesia‘s Witching and Bitching sounds like the most entertaining of these (and that title helps it hit the ground running); check the Related Articles below for the trailer.

Check Out This (Very Cool) Reblog on Cronenberg Jr.’s Body Horror Flick “Antiviral” (2012) From

We keep forgetting to mention how much we’re looking forward to this. Antiviral  ALMOST made our “Ten Most Anticipated of 2013” list, in fact, it was either #11 or #12 on the list. As soon as we find a Red Band trailer, it’s going up! Meanwhile, check out this sick art… while we start looking for some viral marketing (so to speak) online – with a film title like this, it’s a great candidate for it!

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 11.35.02 PM

Update: Hey! Found it. The URL is on the photo above, but clicking on the image with the logo up there should also take you to the Antiviral, er, viral marketing site for “The Lucas Clinic”.



Of monsters and warrior princesses

Antiviral, an amazing body dysmorphic terrifying slow horror that you can only watch once.


From the clearly derangedly genius mind of Brandon Cronenberg, starring  Caleb Landry Jones and Sarah Gandon.

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