‘Sons of Anarchy’ season finale post-mortem: Burning questions answered

Well, we know what we’re having for nightmares tonight! How about you? Seriously, that was brutal and both of us were genuinely shocked–did NOT see that coming.


‘SOA’ creator Kurt Sutter talks about this week’s shocking death — EXCLUSIVE

It’s been a long time due (many fans say overdue) but we’re still gonna miss seeing Perlman as this character until the Sons of Anarchy series finale in 2014. Speaking of Perlman, you can read the other Entertainment Weekly Online Exclusive interview with the only actor we could ever imagine bringing Clay Morrow to life by clicking here; well worth checking out. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the episode title “Aon Rud Persanta”  is Gaelic for “Nothing personal,” more or less (source: Zack Handlen, The A.V. Club – here’s a link to his excellent review).

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ postmortem: Kurt Sutter and cast talk ‘Wolfsangel’ shockers


Both of us watched the episode tonight, and both of us cursed in shock at least a couple of times. I’d expected to see something bad when Gaalen repeated, “Hands off,” to Jax with a sick smile …but not who the hands came from, that it’d be in the next act, and not that Tom Savini-esque grisly pile of sawed-up body parts. The written message on the pad from Otto to Lee (not going to repeat it here) got a HOAH! out of us, too.  We also were under the impression that Donal Logue was going to be around for at least eight episodes (and in fact, read he was signed on in a news item). Read the article for more info on exactly how and why Lee Toric’s fate changed.


Film Review: ‘Pacific Rim’


“Del Toro’s trademark humor does emerge in an overlong subplot involving Dr. Newton Geiszler (an overamped Charlie Day), a hysteric-prone scientist attempting to figure out the monsters’ master plan, and Hannibal Chau (an obligatory appearance by del Toro fixture Ron Perlman), a pimped-out black-market dealer in Kaiju body parts.” A mixed review by Justin Chang from, but with cool details thrown in (such as the above). The film’s newest trailer is also tossed in!


We’re all for ‘Big Things Fighting’, but not if it ends up looking like Transformers. Guillermo Del Toro has promised it won’t, though, and we dig what we’ve seen of the monsters. Too much CGI? We’ll have to wait and see…


Sons Of Anarchy Fifth Season Finale: Kim Coates Talks Tig’s Fate …And More! (Spoilers)

I thought this was a better interview than the Kurt Sutter one, and definitely worth a read. For the record, I’m glad spitting on Charlie Hunnam was unscripted!

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