American Horror Story: Coven Premiere Post Mortem: 12 Burning Questions Answered!

Watch for our “Ten Things We Learned from the American Horror Story Coven Premiere” coming up soon. In the meantime, this should hold you over. Reading Ryan Murphy‘s takes and explanations–and of course, his teasers–is always a (sick) treat!

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American Horror Story Coven -TV Review (The A.V. Club) “Bitchcraft” (POSTED EARLY-SPOILERS GALORE)!

We had to just skim this, because this appears to be a review of the American Horror Story Coven season premiere, “Bitchcraft”… which isn’t airing for another 12 hours at the time of this writing!  So, if you can’t wait till Christmas morning and want to rip open that long-anticipated gift now and ruin the surprise… have a go at it here. Try to hold out, though! Click below link to read… SPOILER WARNING! Last chance!

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