‘You’re Next’: How a group of indie filmmakers produced one of 2013’s most terrifying movies

…Lionsgate has made up for delaying the film’s release by diligently, and cleverly, promoting the movie… earlier this year posters for Lionsgate offerings were emblazoned with ghostly images of the movie’s masked maniacs. “I thought that was really brilliant,” says Wingard. “Simon and I are really only established filmmakers on the independent scene and by and large our cast is relatively unknown.  So it’s an interesting way for Lionsgate to say, ‘We’ve got a lot of faith in this movie,’ and juxtaposing it with things that do have name value… They’re just trying to find ways to make it something your everyday audience member can comprehend, just like using ‘Perfect Day’ in the trailer. They spent a lot of money putting that song in the trailer. Honestly, I think that trailer cost almost as much as the film.” At the recent Comic-Con in San Diego, Lionsgate distributed replicas of the You’re Next masks and the film received an unexpected publicity boost when Michael Fassbender appeared at the panel for X-Men: Days of Future Past wearing one. “That blew my mind,” says Wingard. “I don’t know what the deal is — or if he’s just passing a hint for You’re Next 2.”  (excerpt from the article)

If Adam Wingard directed it, we might consider seeing a horror movie about a giant, skinless, suburbia-terrorizing dog named Roger… Takashi Miike could probably have lots of fun with it, too. We are, however, going to do our best at pretending we never heard the term ‘Mumblecore‘ (also referred to later in the article as ‘Mumblegore’). Just our opini… ugh.  Other than that? A great, in-depth article that delves deeply not just into the making/producing of You’re Next, but the indie filmmakers behind it, and their background, thoughtfully written by Clark Collis of Entertainment Weekly. The EW.com piece also carefully avoids spoilers. Enjoy!

[Simon] Barrett reveals they have a “cool idea” about how to turn You’re Next into a trilogy if the film makes the same impact nationally as it did at SXSW.  “A friend of mine came to see it at SXSW and had to walk out,” says  You’re Next actress Sharni Vinson. “I was completely in shock because this person is an actor themselves, so they know all the tricks of the trade and how this is obviously not real. I just thought ‘Wow, that’s awesome!’” (from the attached ew.com article)

An audience walkout (for the right reasons to a horror buff, i.e. needing to head to the lobby for a break to try to temporarily escape and calm down)? That’s a plus in our book. You’re Next opens August 23rd, and there’s plenty of chances to catch it before then (our piece here with the gallery has a ton of links) –even if you missed the pre-screenings, you can bet your ass there’ll be early showings on August 22nd. You may have much more of a hassle getting tickets and waiting in line, but you can bet the crowd reactions will be worth it, if you’re going because you love seeing a horror movie in a theater packed with like-minded fans who are not shy about expressing their enthusiasm. At Horror Boom, none of us would have an early showing–or an opening night– for a horror movie we’ve been counting the days to any other way.  It’s so fucking worth it!



“You’re Next” – Big-Ass Gallery of Screencaps From Trailer!

So far there’s just the one trailer for Adam Wingard‘s You’re Next; we’re guessing you’ve seen it. Of course, it’s got that standard horror trailer trick; as the trailer winds up, we get isolated images, then images flashing by faster and faster. So, we grabbed all we could – and the ones at the very end go FAST. We’re surprised we were successful at getting as many of those ones as we did!

Click any pic in the gallery for a larger image…

We actually cut out most of the ones of the masked killers, since they’re all over the promo material. Instead, we tried to include at least some stuff you may not have noticed yet (some is almost impossible to if you watch the trailer at normal speed) – some are from the start of the trailer, but some are also blink-and-you’ll-miss-them shots. If you’ve read spoilers–which you shouldn’t do, seriously– some you may make you feel kinda clever when you identify what scene they’re probably from*. *If that came out sounding snarky, we didn’t mean it that way, we actually felt that way recognizing a few key ones.

You’re Next opens August 23rd, and they’re showing advance screenings in some cities. If you want to keep track, you can check out this handy page on the official, well-designed Tumbler site ( which may as well be titled Fuck Yeah, You’re Next) right here!

We actually thought at first (and second) sight that this was a shot of one of the younger actresses playing a daughter or a girlfriend. It is, in fact, Ms. Barbara Crampton herself ...looking amazing at 55.

We actually thought at first (and second) sight that this was a shot of one of the younger actresses playing a daughter or a girlfriend. It is, in fact, Ms. Barbara Crampton herself …looking amazing at 55.

That reminds us, this might be a good time to repeat that we do NOT own the right to any of these screencaps or any images whatsoever connected to You’re Next. Those are property of the filmmakers and Lionsgate Entertainment, NOT Horror Boom and are for entertainment purposes for fans only.  If you DO own the rights and want it taken down for copyright reasons, contact us and Horror Boom is happy to comply– we’re not looking for any trouble.

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 11.00.51 PM

*If that came out sounding snarky, we didn’t mean it that way; we actually felt strangely proud of ourselves for recognizing a few key ones.