Venice Film Review: ‘Wolf Creek 2’

Another excerpt from Guy Lodge’s Variety review of Wolf Creek 2:

Production values are uniformly top-notch, reaping the benefits of what appears to be a considerably expanded budget: McLean can now afford 18-wheeler trucks barreling down hillsides in his chase sequences, and isn’t afraid to use them. Toby Oliver’s slick widescreen lensing delights in the warm coloring of Outback brushwood and human entrails alike, while Johnny Klimek’s sparsely thrumming score sits in stark contrast to music supervisor Gary Seeger’s gleefully cheesy soundtrack choices: Even the first “Wolf Creek” wouldn’t have dared unite killer and victim in an impromptu sing along of Rolf Harris’s “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.”

Read the Venice Film Festival review and find out what Mick’s motivation for all the rape, torture, and killing is–not what you’d think. Good to know, huh? Not big on torture-porn or dead wallabies at the moment, so we’re still on the fence about this one.