‘Gravity’ Trailer/Clip: Beautiful Space Terror (Clip of the Week)

Honestly, I’ve seen this described as both a trailer and a clip for Alfonso Cuarón’s upcoming space disaster film, Gravity; I suppose it’s both. The idea of this –the title “Detached” doesn’t calm me down any either– almost puts me on the verge of a panic attack (judging from the related media below, I’m definitely not the only one). This made my heart speed up so much I didn’t even notice George Clooney was involved, or recognize his voice, and I can usually pick his voice up just from commercials (I’m married, but my hormones still work just fine).  Just remember to breathe when you watch this… breathe…

Sexy French Girl Becomes Giant, Disgusting [spoiler] In Teaser Trailer For New Horror Movie — NSFW VIDEO

BLEEEAAAARRRGH! This looks fun… we have the short film from Corin Hardy they mention, “In the Back” – click here to watch (and it’s scary as hell).


*SPOILER* Evil Dead 2013 – Why You HAVE To Stay After Credits (Watch On Vimeo) *SPOILER*

4/4  Update! Alas, someone ended up narcing to Tri Star Studios, and Vimeo had to remove the copyright-violating footage on 4/2 (surprised it was up for over a week before it got yanked). Hopefully everyone who wanted to see it and be spoiled got to, and now that The Evil Dead IS NOW IN THEATERS, HELL YEAH, WOOOOOO-HOOOOO! you can see it that way. STAY AFTER THE CREDITS! If you still want to use the link below to the Spoiler-Rama page, we’ll describe it briefly and you can highlight it to read.  Now we don’t have to feel like Horror Boom has potentially offended …uh, the two guys involved in it.
-Mrs. Horror Boom


It’s exactly what you were hoping for …but somehow cooler.

That being said, if you can wait until you see it in the theater, WAIT AND SEE IT AFTER THE CREDITS THEN. It’s  seconds long and worth waiting for. IF YOU HAVE WILLPOWER, JUST WAIT! The quality will be better in the theater, too. But if you break down and watch it, you’ll get the idea. Don’t forget the get the volume cranked up, too.

It is something filmed new, not archival footage from one of the originals.

Click here to go to the “Spoiler-Rama” page of the Horror Boom site for the link to watch it (because we still feel guilty for sharing it)!  description (you’ll need to high-light it to read). If it’s The Evil Dead spoilers you want, here’s a TON of related articles. We still recommend waiting for the movie, though!

Watch Host Kevin Hart Take On The Walking Dead On Saturday Night Live (March 2nd Episode)

“Uh, so Maggie died, should we… talk about that, or… guys?”

They should have opened with this sketch on SNL, nope, instead it gets bumped back to after Weekend Update. This was pretty funny (though not as funny as the Creepy Merryville Brothers Halloween sketch* from the show Bruno Mars hosted last October, which you can see here) , especially since the writing on SNL for the past few months has seemed weaker than usual to us. But we love Kevin Hart, zombies, and The Walking Dead (think he did some writing for the show he hosted, since it was above par) and this sketch didn’t disappoint. Best, funniest SNL since Bruno Mars hosted.

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 3.14.45 AM

*then again,  haven’t seen anything that funny on SNL since;  after a Christmas party last year we watched ‘The Merryville Brothers Halloween’ sketch again  (we were both pretty hammered at the time) and were doubled over howling with laughter as soon as they started singing. It’s just as funny sober, though!